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IVOXY Consulting designs, engineers and implements costeffective IT solutions to give companies access to their data anytime, anywhere. From assessing data availability requirements to deploying disaster recovery solutions to delivering managed IT solutions, IVOXY helps clients protect their IT infrastructures.


IVOXY Consulting specializes in designing disaster recovery (DR) solutions that enable clients to easily meet their data availability requirements.

“We call ourselves the data availability people,” said Eric Watson, Managing Partner at IVOXY. “Our goal is to empower clients to understand their IT assets much better than they have in the past. One of the ways we achieve this goal is by recommending Veeam® solutions. They are laser-focused in the virtualized environment, easy to operate and affordable.”

Watson said client satisfaction with Veeam’s products is very high, but that’s just one of the reasons why IVOXY partners with Veeam Software.

“Another big benefit of our Veeam partnership is lead generation,” he explained. “Each year, 25% of our new customers come from Veeam leads. The Veeam team is really easy to work with—from lead generation to deal registration to technical support. They help us reach clients we might not have reached before, and they help us create new revenue streams. We’re growing at 20 to 50% each year, and Veeam is an important part of that growth. We’re really happy with the amount of money we’re producing together.”

Veeam Software: Support from Start to Finish

IVOXY recommends two Veeam solutions to clients: Veeam® Backup & Replication™ for fast, flexible and reliable recovery of VMs and Veeam ONE™ for real-time monitoring and alerting, documentation and management reporting of VMs.

“Our clients tell us the same thing over and over,” Watson said “They say Veeam solutions are easy to use and do exactly what they promise to do. For a reseller, those are powerful statements.”

Watson said Veeam solutions are an excellent fit for IVOXY’s clients. Certain attributes of the software, such as Veeam Backup & Replication being storage agnostic, make it the ideal fit for clients who have specific circumstances.

“Some of our clients have very large infrastructures containing heterogeneous, legacy storage platforms,” Watson explained. “They need fast and reliable protection for their virtual environments, and Veeam gives them all of that plus the flexibility to upgrade, mix and match storage solutions.”

Alec Taylor, Partner and Consultant at IVOXY, works closely with the Veeam team to design solutions for IVOXY clients.

“We love working with Veeam,” he said. “They answer all of our questions, they’re willing to listen, and they’re willing to be creative. It’s really a win-win relationship— we hold cobranded marketing events together that deliver new customers to both of us and help cement relationships with existing customers.”

Taylor said Veeam’s deal registration process is particularly efficient. “Veeam is very responsive about approving deal registrations,” he explained. “We appreciate that they get back to us quickly and are always willing to be resourceful, making the process easy for everyone. There’s something else we appreciate about Veeam— the incentives and points we earn when our people get trained and certified through Veeam University. It’s an easy and helpful process.”

Veeam University offers a free, online professional accreditation program with two paths and titles: Veeam Technical Sales Professional and Veeam Sales Professional. The university has dozens of training modules with topics ranging from solution design, deployment techniques and troubleshooting to Veeam messaging, positioning and frequently asked questions during the sales process.

Watson said training has always been an important component of IVOXY’s business. “One of the ways we attract new customers is through training classes,” he explained. “We’ve offered VMware training classes for years, and now we’re working with the Veeam team to offer Veeam training classes. This will be a new revenue stream for us.”

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