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Krypton Solutions provides full service design, layout services, rapid prototyping and low/ medium volume turn-key contract manufacturing to customers in the semiconductor, medical, defense/ security/aerospace, energy and industrial markets. Our stateof- the-art equipment, highly skilled staff and on-site test labs produce the quality our customers demand within our 40,000 sq. ft. headquarters facility located in Plano, TX. In addition, Krypton provides engineering layout services from our office in Santa Clara, CA. We are a minority owned small business employing 135 people.


Maintaining a DR plan is challenging enough, but revamping a DR plan involves new challenges. For Krypton Solutions this meant virtualizing businesscritical software for the first time, demonstrating security compliance and provisioning sufficient backup storage in an industry where data growth is unpredictable.


  • Supports digital transformation to virtualization
  • Provides security compliance verification
  • Saves $50,000 in backup storage

The Business Challenge

For most organizations, overhauling a disaster recovery (DR) plan can be a perplexing and expensive endeavor. Krypton Solutions found a way to overhaul its DR plan in three easy steps—and save $50,000.

The first step was completing the last leg of a digital transformation journey to virtualization, but it came with a challenge. Krypton Solutions had virtualized nearly every application on VMware vSphere except for the most business-critical ones, which included software for electronic design automation and manufacturing management.

“We had tried to virtualize these applications, but the vendors told us they weren’t sure their software would run well on virtual machines and back up successfully,” said Dale Witt, Network Engineer at Krypton Solutions. “Our company builds prototype circuit boards for dozens of Fortune 100 semiconductor companies, so if these applications aren’t available, we’re dead in the water.”

The second step was incorporating security compliance verification into the DR plan. As a design, prototyping and manufacturing services provider for customers in the aerospace, medical and technical markets, Krypton Solutions is AS9100, ISO9001:2008, ISO13485:2003 certified and ITAR registered. The challenge was finding an easier way to demonstrate compliance.

The third step in revamping the DR plan was provisioning and managing backup storage. Here the challenge was predicting future data growth.

“Our data growth is completely unpredictable,” Witt said. “One month we may build 50 circuit boards, and the next month we may build 1,000. We retain schematic and testing data for every customer, so we have to provision enough backup storage without breaking the bank.”

To make matters even more interesting, Krypton Solutions decided to relocate to a new DR site.

“We needed more space, storage and horsepower in order to stand up all of our replicas in the event of a true disaster,” Witt said. “The tricky part was switching DR sites without missing a single nightly backup or a monthly replication run.”

The Veeam Solution

Veeam® Backup & Replication™ helped Krypton Solutions overhaul its DR plan, switch DR sites, avoid missing a backup or replication job and save $50,000 in backup storage.

“We can spin up every virtual machine from replicas at our DR site to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster,” Witt said. “There’s no way to explain the peace of mind Veeam provides.”

Krypton Solutions overhauled its DR plan in three steps, and Veeam helped every step of the way.

First, the company completed its digital transformation by virtualizing the few remaining physical servers running mission-critical software. Veeam backs up, replicates and recovers the software quickly, so data is available 24.7.365.

Second, Krypton Solutions used Veeam to incorporate security compliance into its DR plan. Veeam provides daily email reports that verify the credibility of backup and replication jobs to demonstrate ISO and ITAR compliance.

Third, Veeam’s Scale-out Backup Repository™ created a single, scalable backup repository from the company’s collection of heterogeneous storage devices.

“The nice thing about Scale-out Backup Repository is that we’re not tied to one storage vendor or one expansion path,” Witt said. “We can change storage at will, whether it’s nearing end of life or whether we find something more cost-effective. As long as the storage is accessible to Veeam, Veeam will back up to it.”

Consolidating storage into a single repository also enabled Krypton Solutions to retain data longer than legally required, and save money.

“Why get rid of key data, including financial records? Why would you?” Witt asked. “Are our executives happier we’re keeping them longer? Yes, and it won’t cost them a dime.”

In fact, Veeam’s Scale-out Backup Repository saved Krypton Solutions from having to spend $50,000 in backup storage for the new DR site. Witt expects to save an additional $5,000 in storage costs each year because Veeam has built-in compression and deduplication, which conserves one-third of the company’s backup space.

“Scale-out Backup Repository is a good example of how Veeam gets better with every new version,” Witt said. “Veeam worked like a charm when we first deployed it, and it still does today.”

The Results

  • Supports digital transformation to virtualization
    “The only way we could virtualize the final few mission-critical software applications was to have full confidence that backup, replication and recovery would be reliable,” Witt said. “Veeam is hugely reliable; it works like a champ every time.”
  • Provides security compliance verification
    “Veeam reports list every virtual server and their backup, replication and recovery jobs,” Witt said. “It couldn’t be easier to demonstrate ISO and ITAR compliance.”
  • Saves $50,000 in backup storage
    “Veeam’s Scale-out Backup Repository lets us use virtually any storage media and have it recognized as part of the storage pool,” Witt said. “Veeam lets us utilize and manage storage more efficiently.”
Krypton Solutions
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