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Raumaster Relies on Veeam to Protect and Preserve More than 30 Years of Intellectual Capital


Raumaster Oy is a global supplier of material handling systems and equipment. Founded in 1984 and based in Rauma, Finland, Raumaster serves the wood processing and energy industries. The company employs 350 people.


Raumaster’s modern data centre was no place for an old-fashioned backup tool. Slow, unreliable backup and long, complex recovery didn’t protect the firm’s intellectual capital adequately, putting the business at risk for downtime and data


  • Eliminates the risk of downtime and data loss
  • Boosts recovery speed by 90%
  • Saves time and money

The Business Challenge

Raumaster Oy delivers material handling systems to companies worldwide. Raumaster’s intellectual capital — data created since the firm began in 1984, such as two-dimensional drawings and three-dimensional plans — must be protected, preserved and available at all times, otherwise the business could suffer.

“Losing data or losing access to data would be catastrophic to our business,” said Petri Laukkanen, IT Manager at Raumaster Oy. “If we can’t restore data quickly, project work could stop for hours. If our engineers can’t access data required by our sales team to prepare digital proposals for current and prospective clients, we risk losing business.”

To avoid the risk of downtime and data loss Raumaster decided to replace its legacy backup tool. Laukkanen said the tool was old-fashioned, complicated, unreliable, slow and expensive.

“We run a modern data centre, which is no place for an old-fashioned backup tool,” he explained. “Backup was slow and unreliable, and recovery was long and complex, making administration a nightmare. From a business perspective, we worried operations might come to a standstill if we failed to restore critical data quickly.”

Raumaster consulted with ATEA Finland, its trusted IT advisor since 2005. ATEA is a leading supplier of IT infrastructure and system integration in Nordic and Baltic countries. ATEA recommended Veeam® Backup & Replication™.

“Veeam was the clear choice for Raumaster,” said Mikko Vänttinen, Consultant at ATEA Finland. “Veeam met each of Raumaster’s requirements: reliability, ease of use and speed. Veeam gives them peace of mind because they know their backups can be recovered.”

The Veeam Solution

Veeam Backup & Replication eliminated the two business risks caused by Raumaster’s legacy backup tool — downtime and data loss.

“Veeam is a life preserver for us,” Laukkanen said. “It helps us deliver on our promise to the business that we’ll protect and preserve our intellectual capital and keep operations up and running.”

Raumaster uses Veeam to back up 12TB on 125 VMware vSphere virtual machines (VMs) in its data centre and at remote sites each day. Each week, Raumaster uses Veeam to copy backups to tape, which are stored offsite for disaster recovery (DR).

Compared to the legacy tool, backup with Veeam is 30% faster in the data centre and three times faster in remote sites. Laukkanen said recovery with Veeam is unmatched.

“Recovery with the legacy tool was so complex that we had to hire IT consultants to help,” Laukkanen said. “Hiring consultants was expensive, and waiting for them to arrive prolonged recovery. Recovery with Veeam is easy and quick. With minimal training, anyone in the IT department can restore.”

When the document management system database used by Raumaster’s engineers became corrupted, Veeam saved the company at least 10 hours in downtime.

The IT department set up an isolated environment called a Virtual Lab to test five restore points (500GB) in a Veeam backup of Microsoft SQL Server. A Veeam feature called Instant VM Recovery® restored the VM. The entire process took under an hour.

“If we had been using the legacy backup tool, business operations would have come to a halt,” Laukkanen said.

Another way Raumaster avoids the risk of downtime and data loss is with a Veeam feature called SureBackup™.

“SureBackup verifies the recoverability of our backups, giving us peace of mind every day,” Laukkanen said.

Veeam and the legacy backup tool differ in one additional way: licensing. Veeam is licensed per CPU and the legacy backup tool is licensed per terabyte, Raumaster can back up as much as it wants with Veeam, with no increase in price. Licensing with the legacy backup tool would have cost the business €10,000 over three years as data grew.

Our customers rely on us for peace of mind,” Laukkanen said. “And we rely on Veeam for peace of mind.”

The Results

Eliminates the risk of downtime and data loss
Not only does Veeam provides fast, reliable backup and restore for Raumaster, it also verifies the recoverability of backups so business operations remain up and running.

Boosts recovery speed by 90%
Veeam saved Raumaster at least 10 hours in downtime when it recovered a critical document management system database in under an hour.

Saves time and money
Veeam is so fast, reliable and easy to use that Raumaster doesn’t have to hire IT consultants to help with restores — an expensive process that prolonged recovery with the legacy backup tool. Because Veeam is licensed per CPU rather than per terabyte, Raumaster saved €10,000 over three years.

Raumaster Oy
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