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TwinStrata, Inc. is a pioneer in the cloud SAN storage solutions market. The company created the industry’s first purpose-built architecture and software solution to enhance data protection at a substantial cost savings compared to traditional off-site storage, delivering simple, affordable, and secure storage solutions to enterprise environments.


Find a flexible, secure, and cost-efficient solution for off-site storage of VMware backups


  • Provides new levels of business agility
  • Ensures data security, high availability, and portability
  • Improves efficiency and reduces operational costs

The Business Challenge

Companies of all sizes consider cloud storage of VMware virtual machine backups for several reasons. First, they might have storage capacity needs beyond their current infrastructures or no off-site disaster recovery capabilities whatsoever. Furthermore, they might encounter challenges with backup-to-tape scenarios and offsite tape management, or they strive for anywhere, anytime data accessibility for business continuity.

Enter TwinStrata, a pioneer in the cloud SAN storage solutions market that created the first software solution to enhance data protection at a substantial cost savings over traditional off-site storage. Storage clouds provide the availability, security, and performance of local storage without the capital investment and overhead of housing and managing storage.

The Veeam Solution

TwinStrata’s CloudArray software, when used in conjunction with Veeam Backup & Replication, gives organizations access to secure, highly scalable, pay-as-you-go cloud storage for their VMware backups.

Greg Roody, Director of Marketing for TwinStrata, said companies using tape systems or disk-to-disk backup for data protection can select CloudArray as the backup target for Veeam Backup & Replication. “In addition to eliminating the logistics and costs associated with media transport or tape vaulting services, this solution does not require large capital investments for infrastructure expansion,” he explained. “And, since Veeam provides powerful deduplication and near continuous data protection functionality, many companies will experience improved backup speed and reduced storage requirements for backups.”

Greg said CloudArray also provides Veeam customers with a fast and efficient gateway to cloud storage providers of their choice. “This enables cost-effective off-site replication and recovery at a fraction of the cost of traditional two-site solutions,” he added.

Sublime Solution is a consulting company specializing in virtualization implementation initiatives that partners with both Veeam and TwinStrata, in addition to many other companies.

“We are an agnostic infrastructure services organization that works with multiple vendors to find the most efficient and cost-effective solution for each client,” explained Jason Schuerhoff, the company’s Vice President of Sales. “We often recommend the Veeam and TwinStrata strategy because many of our clients don’t have the ability or flexibility to conduct offsite backups for disaster recovery purposes. However, the combination of these two products lets them back up and replicate their virtual infrastructures into the cloud as if they were local, thereby giving them access to the information at any time and from anywhere. Plus, they avoid the cost associated with co-location infrastructures. Most small and mediumsized companies will find this solution pays for itself within 12-18 months.”

The Results

Provides new levels of business agility - Veeam Software and TwinStrata provide new levels of business agility, efficiency, and cost management for the creation and storage of VMware backups. The combined solution provides companies with the availability, security, and performance characteristics of local data storage— available anytime, anywhere.

Ensures data security, high availability, and portability - To ensure data security and privacy, TwinStrata’s CloudArray compresses and encrypts data prior to transporting it to cloud storage. Since CloudArray runs as a virtual machine in VMware ESX(i), users can configure it in either high availability or hot standby mode for added availability and resiliency. In addition, Cloud storage is portable and can be restored at any recovery site.

Improves efficiency and reduces operational costs - The combination of Veeam Backup & Replication and CloudArray storage reduces the amount of on-premise infrastructure needed to accommodate growth for disaster recovery and business continuity purposes, thereby reducing capital expenditures. CloudArray’s unlimited capacity enables companies to “pay as they go” for storage, rather than overpaying for space they don’t need.

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