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Geotrim is Finland’s leading distributor of geospatial solutions for organisations involved in surveying, construction, agriculture, mapping and public safety. Solutions are comprised of electronic instruments, systems and software that enable mobile data collection in the field and online access to data in the office—linking the field and office to improve an organisation’s productivity.


VM recovery with the legacy backup tool was slow. Maintaining 24x7x365 availability of data for customers is extremely important for Geotrim.


  • Hyper-V VM recovery speed increases by 98%
  • Cloud backup repository reduces risk of data loss
  • Backup is 75% faster and more versatile

About Onrego:

Established in Finland in 2012, Onrego develops IT solutions and cloud services for end users and managed service providers. Onrego is a Veeam Cloud Provider, a Microsoft Gold Partner in Management and Virtualisation, a member of the global System Center Alliance and a Microsoft Azure Circle Partner.

The Business Challenge

Geotrim’s business needs high availability in all IT environments. To achieve high availability of data and maintain service agreements with customers, Geotrim requires fast recovery of its Microsoft Hyper-V virtual environment and frequent backup for multiple restore points.

Geotrim’s legacy backup tool couldn’t meet these requirements. Backup was slow and prone to failure, especially for virtual machines (VMs) running Microsoft SQL Server. Recovery was slow too.

In an effort to improve data availability, Geotrim reached out to Veeam ProPartner Onrego Ltd., a leading Finnish reseller and managed services provider. Kalle Rissanen, senior advisor at Onrego, said there was only one data protection solution suitable for Geotrim.

“We recommended Veeam Backup & Replication to Geotrim for the same reason we recommend it to all of our customers: Veeam is the best solution for every virtual environment,” Rissanen explained. “I know this is true because I used Veeam as an IT administrator before joining Geotrim. And, I know from selling Veeam that is delivers on its promises to our customers.”

The Veeam Solution

Geotrim followed Onrego’s advice and deployed Veeam® Backup & Replication™. Geotrim doesn’t worry about maintaining 24x7x365 data availability and customers’ service agreements because recovery speed increased by 98% with Veeam and backup speed improved by 75%, enabling more frequent backup for more restore points. Best of all: Geotrim avoids the risk of catastrophic data loss because Veeam provides a fully integrated, fast and secure way to back up and restore from public and private clouds.

Geotrim uses Veeam to back up all VMs (2TB of data) to network storage each day in fewer than 30 minutes. Before Veeam, backup of only the most critical VMs to network storage took two hours and occurred only once a week because backup with the legacy tool was so slow. Recovery with Veeam is faster too, taking three minutes compared to three hours with the legacy tool.

Veeam also gives Geotrim an easy and cost-effective way to move backups to an offsite backup repository. Veeam Cloud Connect, which is included with Veeam Backup & Replication, connects Veeam customers and Veeam Cloud Providers (VCPs) over the Internet through a single port protected by encryption. Data is encrypted at the source (before it leaves Geotrim’s network perimeter), in flight and at rest.

Onrego, which is also a VCP and a Microsoft Azure Circle Partner, was a natural choice for Geotrim’s cloud connection. Veeam Cloud Connect is a Microsoft Azure Certified solution, enabling it to provide Veeam and Microsoft partners with a fast path to expand their cloud-based services.

“The immaturity and inflexibility of traditional backup software becomes apparent when you see how quickly and easily Veeam performs with the cloud,” said Jukka Kokkola, ICT Expert at Geotrim Oy. “Backing up to the cloud through Veeam Cloud Connect is no different than backing up locally to our network storage, yet we avoided the money and work needed to set up a cloud repository. We’re backing up to a service provider we trust, and trust is extremely important.”

Veeam Cloud Connect has proven advantageous for Onrego too. In addition to helping the company grow its customer base and recurring revenue streams, Veeam Cloud Connect provides multi-tenant support so Onrego can manage cloud repositories for multiple customers from a single interface. Centralized resource management allows for storage allocation to each customer, and reports and alerts track storage consumption, manage expiration dates and send automatic renewal reminders.

“It’s incredibly easy to work with Veeam—Veeam the partner and Veeam solutions,” Rissanen said. “Veeam the partner provides sales and marketing support, making it easy to sell their solutions. Veeam solutions are easy for our customers to use, speeding up their backup and recovery.”

“I agree,” Kokkola said. “I sleep much better knowing Veeam restores data fast. Veeam even verifies the recoverability of our backups and creates the perfect test environment for software updates.”

Kokkola is referring to SureBackup®, which validates the recoverability of backups by starting a backup in an isolated environment called a Virtual Lab, and On-Demand Sandbox™, which lets Geotrim test software updates and upgrades for Microsoft SQL Server and ERP on VMs in a Virtual Lab before putting them into production.

“It’s incredible how versatile and easy Veeam is,” Kokkola added. “I certainly do not miss the massive administration guides provided by other backup companies.”

The Results

Hyper-V VM recovery speed increases by 98%

Before Veeam Backup & Replication was deployed, Geotrim worried about fast data recovery in case of disaster. VM recovery with the legacy backup tool was slow, taking three hours. With Veeam, VM recovery takes three minutes.

Cloud backup repository reduces risk of data loss

Veeam Cloud Connect enables Veeam customers and service providers to connect over the Internet through a single port protected by encryption, and Veeam’s Built-in WAN Acceleration moves data quickly. A customer’s backups in the service provider’s public or private cloud are instantly accessible from the Veeam backup console, just like the customer’s backups in other storage repositories.

Backup is 75% faster and more versatile

Because backup is so fast with Veeam, Geotrim backs up all Hyper-V VMs daily rather than only the most critical VMs weekly, as it did with the legacy backup tool. Geotrim also uses Veeam to put backups to work. Veeam sets up isolated Virtual Labs for validating the recoverability of backups and for testing SQL and ERP updates and upgrades before Geotrim puts them into production.

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