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Swiss Market Leader in Online Backup and Availability Services Chooses Veeam

Business Opportunity

Mount10 provides online data backup to data center fortresses in the Swiss Alps. Customers make local backups of their on-premises virtual machines (VMs) and write backup copies to Mount10, which has high-security data centers built into two mountains. Swiss Fort Knox I holds the first backup copy, and Swiss Fort Knox II holds the second backup copy. In addition to providing secure, scalable and redundant backups, Mount10 provides customers with free, proactive backup monitoring and troubleshooting support 24x7.

“We’re very proud of the services we offer to customers, but we knew there was a way to become even more relevant to them,” said Thomas Liechti, Chief Executive Officer of Mount10. “Backup on its own is not enough. Fast, easy recovery is more relevant to their business. The best and fastest way to grow our business was to improve availability for our customers.”


Many of Mount10’s customers were already using Veeam® Backup & Replication™ in their data centers. The rest were using Mount10’s proprietary backup tool, but it could only perform filelevel backup. Customers wanted system-level backup for faster, easier restore.

“Veeam had become Switzerland’s de facto leader in availability,” Liechti said. “Our customers made it very clear that Veeam should be part of our offering. We listen very carefully to what our customers say, and they told us, ‘Veeam is the best. It just works.”


Mount10 partnered with Veeam and made Veeam Cloud Connect part of its business growth strategy. Mount10 also deployed Veeam Backup & Replication in its data center to back up and recover its own VMware vSphere VMs.

“I was hired to take Mount10 to the next level, and that’s why we partnered with Veeam,” Liechti said. “Veeam gives us, our customers and partners exactly what we need: system-level backup, powerful restore functionality, ease of use and solid availability. Veeam is state of the art. Veeam leads the pack with its availability vision and ability to execute.”

Veeam Cloud Connect makes it easy for companies to extend their backup infrastructure to the cloud, in turn making it easy for Mount10 to acquire new customers and build recurring revenue.

“We believe we can triple or quadruple our business with Veeam by pursuing clients we couldn’t target in the past because they require system-level backup,” he explained. “Veeam solves their backup and availability needs.”

Veeam Cloud Connect transfers backup data over an SSL/TLS connection, using a single port to simplify firewall configuration and eliminate the need for a VPN connection. Customers can encrypt their backups without increasing bandwidth consumption because Veeam’s Built-in WAN Acceleration maintains data reduction ratios even with encrypted data streams.

“Veeam’s end-to-end encryption helps us maintain our famous security standard,” Liechti said. “We never want access to our customers’ data. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t want to make money through big data analysis. That would jeopardize our customers’ privacy.”

Liechti said the top benefits with Veeam are ease of implementation and integration combined with high-speed recovery.

“Veeam is easy to use and storage-agnostic, which greatly simplifies implementation and gives our customers the flexibility to choose the right hardware for their specific needs,” he explained. “The ease of Veeam’s implementation combined with our well-known, secure backup repository lowers the barrier for customers to outsource their offsite backups. Veeam helps us get past the outsourcing hurdle.”

Liechti said Veeam’s high-speed recovery capabilities have saved the day countless times for Mount10 clients.

“One of the most memorable save-the-day moments happened after a customer got hit by the CryptoLocker virus. He couldn’t figure out where the virus sat so he did a clean sweep of his data locally, set up a new ESX installation and used Veeam to restore VMs from prior backups we sent to him. He was so thrilled by how easy recovery was that he remotely hugged our support engineer who walked him through the data retrieval.”

Liechti said nearly all Mount10 customers require 24x7 availability of their data.

“By partnering with Veeam, we’ve begun a whole new era because we’ve become more relevant to our customers,” he said. “Veeam gives us a huge opportunity to improve availability for current customers and recruit thousands of new ones.”


Lowers the barrier for outsourcing backups
“There are three challenges associated with the outsourcing hurdle,” Liechti said. “Customers worry about giving up control, trusting someone else with their backups and what might happen to their backups. Veeam provides the best availability solution to overcome those challenges. The ease of Veeam’s implementation, fast recovery features and our well-known, secure backup repository lowers the barrier for customers outsourcing their backups.”

Integrates easily and seamlessly with any backup storage
“Technologies change fast in the storage market, so the leading vendors of today may not be the leaders of tomorrow,” Liechti said. “The beauty of Veeam is the simplicity of storage integration, giving our customers the agility and flexibility to choose the right storage for their specific needs at a specific time. This was a brilliant move on Veeam’s part.”

Provides recovery capabilities for VMs affected by malware
“Veeam-powered recovery meets the needs of our customers including those who have had the CryptoLocker virus,” Liechti said. “They restore their VMs from backups to get their organizations up and running quickly.”

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Mount10 AG is the Swiss market leader in online backup and availability services. Established in 2005, Mount10 serves more than 2,500 enterprise, medium and small customers in government, financial institutions, manufacturing, health care and education. Mount10 also provides backup services to its partners (resellers, systems integrators and service providers) and their customers.


Mount10’s proprietary backup tool could only provide file-level backup, and customers (current and prospective) wanted system-level backup for faster and easier restore.
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