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Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities

Veeam ONE Provides Complete Control of VMware Environment


The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) is responsible for overseeing a statewide system of supports and services for people with developmental disabilities and their families.


Find a set of integrated solutions for VMware backup and management.


  • Increases backup speed by 90 percent; reduces backup disk space requirements by 75 percent
  • Provides enterprise reporting, change management and capacity planning
  • Enables virtual infrastructure performance analysis
  • Manages virtual machines from a business perspective

The Business Challenge

The Information Technology Services (ITS) team at the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) maintains the security and integrity of records kept for every Ohioan the department has assisted. The team also supports approximately 1,800 users on the department’s communications network.

During initial planning of the virtual environment, the ITS team began looking for a reliable, enterprise-ready disaster recovery solution for its highly customized VMware infrastructure. What the team didn’t expect to find was a set of integrated solutions for VMware backup and management.

Brian Brothers, Network Administrator Manager, said that once he and Kevin Stephens, Infrastructure Specialist, looked into Veeam Backup & Replication™, they realized additional Veeam products could help them automate routine processes of VMware management and gain complete control over their virtual infrastructure.

“We began by looking at Veeam’s backup product,” Brian explained. “But then we discovered that reporting and performance monitoring could be integrated as well, and quite easily.”

The Veeam Solution

The first product that DODD implemented was Veeam Backup & Replication. Before implementing this software, DODD used a physical backup process that was very lengthy and consumed a great deal of storage space. “A full backup using the physical backup process took 50 hours,” Brian explained. “Now a full backup takes roughly five hours, thanks to Veeam’s FastSCP™ engine and optimized integration with the vStorage APIs for Data Protection.”

Veeam Backup & Replication also has data compression and data deduplication, which reduce disk space requirements for backups, resulting in cost savings. “We see a 75 percent savings in disk space,” Brian added. “And Veeam Backup & Replication reads directly from the SAN, which doesn’t impact the virtual machines.”

Then DODD implemented the Veeam ONE™ Solution for VMware Management, which provides the ITS team with a single solution to optimize the performance, configuration and utilization of its virtual infrastructure. “It also enables us to leverage and protect the investments already made in VMware,” Brian said. “While we look at the solution as a whole, there are specific benefits associated with each component of Veeam ONE.”

Veeam Reporter™: This is the first enterprise reporting, change management and capacity planning solution specifically designed for large VMware deployments.

“We had no reporting capabilities before Veeam Reporter,” explained Kevin. “But now we have the ability to go back in time to provide any type of quantifiable data.

Veeam Reporter maintains a complete history of all objects, settings, and changes. There are no more questions of ‘who did what’ because Veeam Reporter captures the ‘who, what, when, where, and how’.”

Kevin said another benefit to Veeam Reporter is the customizable dashboard. “It provides a Web-based dashboard that we can customize to present the most important aspects of our virtual environment,” he explained. “Reporter collects information regularly and updates reports automatically. I don’t have to manually create or re-create reports, ever.”

Veeam Monitor™: Before implementing Veeam Monitor, Kevin and his colleagues used a Web-based utility to monitor DODD’s physical servers, routers and some switches. “Veeam Monitor is yet another example of how well Veeam software integrates with VMware,” he said. “It is a user-friendly product that shows resource consumption and workload data, with visibility all the way down to the individual virtual machine and guest processes. Now we know which components of our VMware infrastructure are the largest resource consumers, helping us proactively manage the environment. Veeam Monitor is a simple yet powerful tool.”

Veeam Business View™: Veeam Business View lets DODD manage its VMware environment based on business criteria and priorities, such as service-level agreements, business units and geographic locations. By expanding the traditional infrastructure-oriented view of the virtual environment to include flexible businessoriented perspectives, DODD can more effectively address the virtualization challenges of capacity planning, chargeback and virtual machine sprawl.

“When my customers, which include everyone from DODD developers to our CIO, ask me about data relevant to specific business units, like quality assurance, testing, productivity, etc., I can show them reports I’ve created based on specific businesscentric metrics. Business View automatically categorizes the objects in our virtual environment, so this type of business-focused reporting is easy,” Kevin said.

The Results

Increases backup speed by 90 percent; reduces backup disk space requirements by 75 percent.
With Veeam Backup & Replication, a full backup at DODD takes five hours, compared to 50 hours with a physical backup process. Since Veeam deduplicates data at the image-level, the disk space requirement for backups is reduced as well. Brian cited a 75 percent savings in disk space.

Provides enterprise reporting, change management, and capacity planning.
DODD had no VMware reporting capabilities before implementing Veeam Reporter. Now the ITS team has the ability to go back in time to provide quantifiable data because Veeam Reporter captures the “who, what, when, where, and how”—automatically.

Enables virtual infrastructure performance analysis.
Veeam Monitor meets the day-to-day needs of the ITS team by providing support for troubleshooting and issue resolution, which also helps them proactively manage the VMware environment.

Manages virtual machines from a business perspective.
Veeam Business View is an add-on that works with other Veeam products to provide business categorization for VMware environments. It allows the ITS team to group, view and manage virtual machines based on business criteria instead of just their VMware infrastructure location.

Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities
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