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“Nexon are a system integration and IT services company. We provide solutions in the midmarket space around private networks, unified communications and telephony, and also data center services, including server storage, backup, DR and archive. Nexon provide Pitcher Partners with a number of services – IaaS, BaaS, DRaaS, telephony and unified communcations.

The benefits for Nexon for using Veeam are that the solution is easy to manage, easy to maintain, and is always on. Veeam has been an integral part of our solution set. It allows our customers the online access into their environment so they’re able to still have the visibility and hands-on requirements for managing their backups, and it allows us as the service provider the complete ownership and delivery and outcomes of the service that we’re providing to our customers.

Veeam: It’s simple, it’s easy, and it just works.”

- Jason Macbride
Account Director, Nexon

“Pitcher Partners is a full-service mid-tier accounting practice. We provide all the usual accounting and financial management services to clients within that market. In terms of our IT systems, we partner with Nexon in the provision of those services.

In terms of Pitcher Partners, if we didn’t have the availability to add data or applications, the firm would effectively come to a halt. The biggest risk of having on-premises equipment is the usual things that a data center has – redundant power, redundant air, security and the like. Having our data in the cloud really does remove a significant number of those issues that would potentially lead to major events in the practice. At any point in time, we can monitor that the replication is happening, we can log on and look at the results of that replication and know that the data is there and good to go. I think in terms of DR testing it’s all about peace of mind. It’s like anything – the time you find out there’s a problem is when you need it most. So by doing the testing we can just ensure that we can be prepared for the nuances that we’ll need to deal with in the event of a real emergency.”

- Adam Irwin
CIO, Pitcher Partners

“In the past, we were unable to validate or do a lot of testing of our Disaster Recovery plans, and Nexon have been able to provide solutions where we can do it every six months without affecting the actual ‘business as usual’ environment. Veeam has provided us a technology to actually validate the data side-by-side with the environment where we can in real time and very easily see what is in the backup environment or in the disaster recovery environment.”

- Danny Lau
IT Manager, Pitcher Partners
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