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Veeam Logos

Choose from multiple variations of Veeam’s official logo and download the best match for your project requirements while ensuring your use of our brand logo is accurate and up to date.

Veeam resources logo
Veeam resources logo
Veeam resources logo guide

Veeam’s Color Palette

Download this guide for access to examples and information of Veeam’s official color palette, including hexadecimal and CMYK codes.

Primary Palette
CMYK 71 0 84 0
Pantone 2420 C
CMYK 30 30 30 100
Pantone Black 6 C
CMYK 0 0 0 0
Complementary Palette
CMYK 31 0 34 0
Pantone 2254 C
CMYK 54 0 65 0
Pantone 2268 C
CMYK 85 8 88 25
Pantone 6181 C
Dark Mineral
CMYK 63 52 44 33
Pantone Cool Gray 11 C
French Grey
CMYK 28 21 18 0
Pantone Cool Gray 11 C
CMYK 0 0 0 6
Pantone Cool Gray 1 C
Secondary Palette
CMYK 0 4 88 0
Pantone 115 C
CMYK 0 50 100 0
Pantone 151 C
CMYK 49 55 0 0
Pantone 2655 C
Electric Azure
CMYK 92 97 0 0
Pantone 2098 C
CMYK 55 0 0 0
Pantone 305 C
CMYK 0 93 82 0
Pantone 1788 C

Veeam’s Official Font

Click here to request Veeam’s official font, ES Build, via email. Include your agency name and contact details in the email. We will respond with instructions on installing, finding, and using the font on both Windows and MacOS platforms. For our brand editorial style guide, click here.

Primary palette brand resources

Veeam Logo Animations

Access Veeam’s animated logos for use in Veeam-branded video projects and add the perfect touch of our brand energy to your content.

Anthem video thumbnail brand resources
Media video thumbnail brand resources

All-in-One Resource Bundle

Packed with essential Veeam resources, this bundle is a one-stop shop of Veeam’s media resources, including our brand guidelines, logo packages, brand videos, and more.

Media Kit
For additional brand assets, please contact brand@veeam.com.

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Heidi Monroe Kroft

Director, Corporate Communications and Global Public Relations

+1 614 339 8200 | @hmonroekroft | heidi.kroft@veeam.com

Rachel Kaltenbach

Global Analyst Relations Director
+1 614 937 7590 | Office: +1 614 547 4296 | rachel.kaltenbach@veeam.com

Zeljka Skoko

Manager, Corporate Communications, EMEA
+49(0)1573 / 43 88 355 | zeljka.skoko@veeam.com

Jessica Munoz

Global Analyst Relations Manager

+1 347 724 6049 | Jessica.Munoz@veeam.com

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