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“Nvram” File is Missing on Target Replica Location


A replication job fails with the following error message:

Replicating file "[Storage] VMname/VMname.nvram"

BackupFile failed

Client error: External FIB refers to non-existing file. FIB: [VMname.nvram]. File: [RelativePath://0x0000000c=VMname.nvram;].

Cannot backup file in the service console mode. File: [nfc://conn:[FQDN_of_virtual_center_host],nfchost:host,stg:datastore@VMname/VMname.nvram]. VBK: [veeamfs:*:/VMname.nvram@/vmfs/volumes/4ad48728-3ffa8970-feea-0019bbca9f82/VeeamBackup/VMname(vm-xxx)/VMname.vbk]. RBK: [veeamfs:6:/VMname.nvram@/vmfs/volumes/4ad48728-3ffa8970-feea-0019bbca9f82/VeeamBackup/VMname(vm-xxx)/yyyy-mm-ddxxxxxxx.vrb].

Server error: End of file

Backup request cannot be processed. Source file path: [nfc://conn:[FQDN_of_virtual_center_host],nfchost:host,stg:datastore@VMname/VMname.nvram].


The "Nvram" file is missing on the replica destination storage.


If the specified *.nvram file is missing on the target storage, copy it manually from the source storage to the replica folder on the target datastore, and re-run the job. If the file already exists on the target side, perform the Delete from disk operation for the problem machine.

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