Notification emails are not sent for backup jobs

KB ID: 2197
Product: Veeam Backup & Replication
Version: 9.5
Last Modified: 2016-12-07


Notification emails are not sent for backup jobs


The Veeam Backup service account is not a member of the Backup Administrators group in Veeam


Emails are not being sent for backup jobs and there are no errors or warnings in the console.  Emails for backup configuration Likely do work.
The Job is successful in the console, but in the “Job.<job name>. log” you will see:
Info     Job has been stopped with failures. Name: [<job_name>], JobId: [<guid>]
Error    Access denied. (System.Security.SecurityException)
This is due to the service trying to update the veeambackup.manager.exe and is not a backup administrator in Veeam roles.
Add the service account to the role backup administrator, in the Veeam roles. These are accessed in Main Menu > Users and Roles

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