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Veeam Insights for Microsoft 365

Free Analytics Solution for Microsoft 365

This free solution analyses your Microsoft 365 environment and visually represents a comprehensive summary of your users, licenses, and storage levels.

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Analyze Your Microsoft 365 Environment in Minutes

It is difficult to get full visibility into your Microsoft 365 usage within the Microsoft 365 Admin Portal.

With Veeam Insights for Microsoft 365, you can gain a quick, yet comprehensive understanding of your Microsoft 365 data without compromising security. This free solution connects to your Microsoft 365 tenant, summarizes your data, and visually represents it for you in a simple, easy-to-use dashboard.

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Save Money

Veeam Insights for Microsoft 365 can identify your inactive Microsoft 365 licenses. Stop paying for inactive Microsoft 365 licenses today.

Peace of Mind

Veeam Insights for Microsoft 365 identifies how much Microsoft 365 data your business has used, and if you have unprotected data, so you can act.


Powerful Capabilities at Zero Cost

License Activity

Discover inactive and active licenses. Optimize your Microsoft 365 license management to increase cost savings.

Understand Your Environment

View your organization’s recent and overall Exchange Online activity, as well as total files, sites, and folders within your OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online environments.

Storage Use

Gain visibility into your overall storage levels, file counts, and usage patterns, so you can take control of your Microsoft 365 storage management.

Unprotected Data Levels

Protecting your data requires a clear understanding of potential Microsoft 365 vulnerabilities. Identify unprotected data levels, so you can act.

How It Works

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Inspired By Feedback From Our Customers

We created Veeam Insights based on feedback from our customers.

They found that our data protection solution Veeam Data Cloud for Microsoft 365 provided insights to their tenancy that were not easily accessible via the Microsoft 365 Admin Portal.

By building this tool that is free to use, we can help any organization to easily audit their Microsoft 365 environment so they can potentially save money and ensure their data is protected.

Martyn Howie
Product Management Director, Veeam.
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How does it work?
To start your Microsoft 365 health check, Veeam Insights for Microsoft 365 requires access granted by your Microsoft Admin Tenant. The authentication process is performed by Microsoft, and we will not need your personal credentials.
What information does Veeam Insights for Microsoft 365 access?
Veeam Insights for Microsoft 365 will only have access to reporting and telemetry from your Microsoft 365 Admin Tenant. We will not have access to view any of your Microsoft 365 files, emails, or other sensitive data.
How long does it take?
Within minutes of granting access to your Microsoft 365 tenancy, Veeam Insights for Microsoft 365 will show you your key data metrics.

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