The 2018 Veeam Innovation Awards

In 225 BC, the Greek philosopher and mathematician Archimedes wrote, “Give me a lever and a fulcrum, and I will move the world.” Today at VeeamON, we celebrated a few organizations that aren’t just using Veeam Software as a solution for their own sake, but as the fulcrum and lever by which they are changing the worlds of their customers.

To help enterprises, alliance partners and service providers better utilize Veeam Software components at increasingly larger scale, we have continually invested in the extensibility of what truly is a data management platform. Of course, the platform is grounded in data movers (backup engines, replication engines and integration with snapshot engines), a catalog and inventory of solution components and data under management, as well as core instrumentation.

What sets these Veeam Innovation Award (VIA) recipients apart is how they developed solutions that were powered by Veeam, but then expanded by other software and hardware components, expanded instrumentation and/or automation, scripts and workflows that delivered more accelerating outcomes, etc. This year, we saw innovation that leveraged at least one of the following:


  • Veeam DataLabs™ for quarantined testing, DevOps acceleration, continuity assurance and more
  • Veeam’s Universal APIs for integrating storage/cloud components and/or for instrumentation
  • Veeam Availability Orchestrator (VAO) for workflows that delivered business outcomes beyond what “just” data protection software can deliver on its own

Arguably, Veeam’s extensible APIs and Veeam Availability Orchestrator are the lever and fulcrum by which a growing number of innovators will change the world of those who rely on data and the Availability of IT. Congratulations to this year’s VIA recipients:


The Probax Honeycomb VTL (Virtual Tape Library / Archive-as-a-Service) solution provides automatic archiving of GFS restore points, including air-gapping and setting minimum expiry times. Check out the Probax video describing their solution.

“We are incredibly honored to be receiving an innovation award from a company who itself continues to be the leading innovator for data protection and availability. Our long-standing partnership with Veeam is an example of true collaboration and it has helped our business grow exponentially.”Kevin Allan, Founder and CTO


The SIS solution integrates with and automates restoration of Cloud Connect backups into vCloud Director to provide recovery-on-demand. Check out the SIS video describing their solution

“Winning a Veeam Innovation Award is a tremendous honor for SIS and all of our employees. Our Team has worked diligently to transform our business to meet the changing needs of our clients and the way technology is consumed. Our continued partnership with Veeam enables us to further differentiate our Cloud, Backup & Resiliency and Managed Services offerings.”Steve Sigg, CEO

Merrimac Solutions

Merrimac developed web-based and mobile analytics dashboards and reports in order to better equip and inform both its own NOC and Merrimac customers who need quick access to status conditions related to backup and replication, including local and cloud. Check out the Merrimac Solutions video describing their solution.

“Our strategic relationship with Veeam is continually growing. Our m.Brella Backup and Recovery as a Service (BRaaS), based on Veeam’s Cloud Connect, provides our customers with a robust data protection and disaster recovery solution. We are thrilled that our m.brella analytics dashboard solution is a recipient of a 2018 Veeam Innovation Award and I am so proud of my team and what they accomplished.”John Quinn, Founder and Principal


Iland Catalyst provides rich assessments of storage requirements, latency considerations, and other key metrics that enable customers to be successful with Veeam+iland solutions including cloud storage, backup services, and turnkey DRaaS. Check out the iland video describing their solution.

“We are thrilled to receive the Veeam Innovation Award in recognition of our commitment to helping Veeam’s customers and partners embrace the potential of the cloud. At iland, innovation is in our DNA and we continue to invest in the development of solutions that enable the transformation of enterprises of all sizes.”Dante Orsini, SVP Business Development


There were several other great nominations this year — and we happen to know of a few excellent solutions that didn’t nominate themselves this year. Here is what we learned from this inaugural edition:


  1. We can do more to recognize innovators that are delivering data protection and Availability with scale and neatness. Therefore, expect the nominations and the awards to be even bigger and more diverse next year!
  2. Some folks are using the Veeam platform in ways that we hadn’t originally imagined. There will be some follow-up conversations to help us understand how we can make those innovations even more impactful and our products even more easily integrated

Congratulations to this year’s award recipients and thank you to each one of you who operate our technologies and deliver solution outcomes that are powered by Veeam.

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