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Best Practices for Secure Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Backup

Cloud computing has become ubiquitous and has reached the point where nearly half of all workloads run in the cloud. Currently, most organizations operate a combination of on-premise and cloud workloads, known as a hybrid cloud. Typically, they keep key services within their data centers and use the cloud for customer-facing services, software applications and flexible data storage. The hybrid cloud model is ideal because it is not always possible, or even wise, to move everything to the cloud for reasons like cost, performance and compliance. Read more
Sam Nicholls
Sam Nicholls

Principal, Product Marketing

Microsoft 365 Recovery Best Practices 

The fact that organizations need to backup their Microsoft 365 deployments has been well established. Microsoft is based on a shared responsibility model in which Microsoft is responsible for protecting the underlying infrastructure, and subscribers are responsible for protecting their own data. This means that if you use Microsoft 365, you have to back up your own data.  In their Services Agreement, Microsoft makes it very clear on the delineation around customer data, “We don’t claim ownership of Your Content. Your Content remains Your Content, and you are responsible for it.” Read more
Brien Posey
Brien Posey

Scientist-Astronaut Candidate, Internationally Best Selling Technology Author, and Speaker

Does Microsoft Protect Microsoft 365 Data?

Welcome back to the second part of our three-part blog series, where we continue to revisit what leading IT analyst firm, Gartner, suggests for protecting Microsoft 365. In the first post, we looked at what Gartner identified as risks associated with Microsoft 365. Read more
Karinne Bessette
Karinne Bessette

Technologist, Product Strategy

Mastering Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Hybrid cloud infrastructures represent a strategic blend of on-premises and cloud-based resources, offering organizations the flexibility to optimize their IT environments for various workloads and business needs. This approach enables businesses to modernize, harnessing the scalability, agility and cost-efficiency of the cloud without deprecating on-premises investments.   Read more
Leah Troscianecki
Leah Troscianecki

Product Marketing Manager, Cloud Product Marketing

Going Under the Hood of the Newest Veeam Backup for Salesforce

Just around a week ago, we released a new version for Veeam Backup for Salesforce (VBSF) and have been seeing warm reception from our customers for it. As the fog has cleared a bit, it’s finally a good time to get deeper into the product itself and see it in action. You might already know that this version has many new capabilities and under-the-hood enhancements, and I’d like to talk about my favorites. Join me as we sit down and tackle them by going through the major buckets, starting with security. Read more
Andrew Zhelezko
Andrew Zhelezko

Global Technologist, Product Strategy