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We’re the home of
Radical Resilience

Our mission is to help every company in the world not just bounce back from an outage or data loss, but to bounce forward. We call this radical resilience, and we’re obsessed with creating innovative new ways to help our customers achieve it.

is about getting back to the status quo
Radical Resilience
is about bouncing forward
We help you recover faster from data disruption so that you can keep your business running, growing, and moving ahead with unstoppable momentum…no matter what happens.
We’re also the #1 Global Leader in Data Protection & Ransomware Recovery and we’re obsessed with relentlessly advancing the art and science of data and cyber resilience.

Our business is built on keeping your businesses running, and we’re able to do that because we truly believe these four things:

Building for Radical Resilience requires equal parts art and science

We believe you can’t be radical without disrupting something, and at Veeam,we’re the original data disrupters – it’s in our DNA. The Veeam story starts in 2006 with a small but mighty group of data‑driven engineers armed with passion, smarts, and the conviction that there had to be a simpler way to back up virtual machines.

The resulting solution - a true combination of art and science - cemented us as industry leaders.

This work
gives us life

Creativity and challenging the status quo leads to innovation

At Veeam, our 5k+ employees are obsessed with the challenges we get to tackle, the brilliant people we get to learn from, and the diverse culture we’re building.

We do it all for our customers,
partners and community

The customers and partners of Veeam are the best of the best. They inspire us, and rely on us, to continue innovating. In return, we work non‑stop to meet and exceed their expectations. We set the bar high.

Thanks to our partnerships, we close the gap between what businesses need and what IT can deliver.

We’re setting the standard for radical resilience

This is what truly radical resilience is all about: not bouncing back but bouncing forward. Using the momentum from recovery to catapult you, stronger than ever, to the next challenge.
Our solutions for data security, data recovery, and data freedom have helped more companies in more places than anyone. We’re determined to help as many organizations as possible become radically resilient and move forward fearlessly in the face of ransomware, cyber threats, digital transformation, and hybrid cloud adoption, oh, and the pesky unfortunate truth – human error.

With Veeam, the future of data protection is
brighter than you might think,
and we’re proud of that.

Our disruptive approach to data and cyber resilience is giving businesses, teams and organizations the confidence that their data is protected anywhere, all the time, and available whenever and however they want it.

Have what it takes to be a data disrupter?

Let’s build something together. If you’re interested in defining the future of data protection, check our open positions and learn more about the people who make our solutions possible.

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