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Veeam Availability Console Migration FAQ


This is a FAQ page for Veeam Managed Backup Portal (VMBP) to Veeam Availability Console (VAC) migration


Answers to common questions can be found below.


Can I upgrade Veeam Managed Backup Portal (VMBP) or VAC Beta to VAC GA?

-    No, we can migrate and install the product to a new VAC server but upgrading over an existing installation is not supported in the GA release. 

What versions can be migrated?

-    Currently the version requirement for migration is VMBP or Migrating from the VAC beta is not supported. 

Can it be installed on the same server as VMBP?

-    No, you must perform a clean installation of Veeam Availability Console. Do not configure the cloud infrastructure and do not connect the Veeam Cloud Connect server to Veeam Availability Console. 
-    Migration is server to server, not on a local install level.  
-    Do not uninstall VMBP until you complete the migration process. If VMBP is uninstalled, there will be no way to recover the configuration. A fresh setup of VAC will be required. 

How do I install the migration tool and where is it located?

-    Log on to the machine that runs Veeam Managed Backup Portal with a Local Administrator account. Make sure that the Local Administrator accounts on the VMBP and VAC servers have the following rights:
  • Impersonate a client after authentication
  • Allow log on locally
  • Access this computer from the network
-    The installer for the tool is located on the Veeam Availability Console ISO in a folder named Tools.
-    Launch the VAC.MigrationTool setup file.
-    Follow through the steps of the installation wizard.
-    At the last step of the wizard, click Install.
-    VAC Migration Tool installation will start.
-    When the installation completes, click Finish to close the wizard.

More information

Our official migration guide can be found here.
Veeam Service Provider Console for the Enterprise, Veeam Service Provider Console
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