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Veeam Explorer for
Microsoft Exchange

  • Browse & search directly from backup
  • Export mailbox and folders
  • Granular Exchange item Recovery
  • Part of Veeam Backup & Replication

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Instant visibility and granular recovery in one tool

Microsoft Exchange recovery and eDiscovery has never been this easy!

Gain complete visibility into Microsoft Exchange backups, perform advanced granular searches and quickly recover individual Exchange objects, online archives, permanently deleted items and more with Veeam® Explorer™ for Microsoft Exchange. Revolutionary technology gives you instant visibility into Exchange backups, granular recovery of individual items and easy-to-use eDiscovery options, all without restoring the full Exchange database or the entire server.

  • Perform recovery of lost or corrupted Exchange mailbox items to their original location.
  • Export Exchange mailbox and public folders as personal folder files (.pst).
  • Perform Exchange eDiscovery and legal searches across your entire organization with features like export reports and export size estimations.
  • Browse, search and selectively export Exchange objects (i.e., emails, mailboxes, notes, contacts, etc.) directly from Veeam backups of your Exchange virtual machines or EDB files.

Application-item recovery

Search and restore only the objects you need when you need them most

With Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange, there’s no need to provision storage or restore entire mailbox stores. Just choose the Exchange servers and restore points you’re interested in and Veeam Explorer will present the contents of those mailbox backups for browsing, searching and exporting.

  • Find and restore Exchange items from a previous Veeam backup or EDB file, whether an email was accidentally deleted by a user or if calendar items or contacts were lost after synchronization with a mobile device.
  • Archive an entire Exchange mailbox from any point in time to a .pst file to ensure a smooth and complete handoff when employees leave or change jobs.
  • Use Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange on your regular Veeam backups — even those created years ago — with no special backups or metadata needed.
  • Zero in on the exact Exchange items you need for internal or external investigations for effortless eDiscovery.

Advanced functionality for granular recovery

Simple recovery, even for the objects you thought were gone forever

In addition to core granular recovery, you can also perform advanced operations like recovering hard-deleted items that you thought may have been lost forever. Also, you can search and recover online archive mailbox items and easily enable your help desk operators with one-click Exchange mailbox item recoveries that are driven from a web-based restore portal.

Effortless eDiscovery

Accelerate eDiscovery with reporting and estimation

Comprehensive reporting for Exchange specifies what was exported from where and which search criteria were used. The estimation predicts the amount of discovery results based on search criteria to help you during the design process when you build Exchange eDiscovery queries.

Feature highlights: Recovery

Commonly asked questions

Does Veeam Backup & Replication provide application-consistent with Microsoft Exchange backup?

YES. Veeam Backup & Replication™ creates application-consistent, image-level backups of Microsoft Exchange by leveraging VSS, ensuring successful recovery of business-critical applications and services and allowing for application-specific restore scenarios. 

According to Microsoft limitations, applications cannot be kept frozen longer than for 60 seconds (20 seconds for Microsoft Exchange). If the Microsoft VSS writer keeps application data frozen longer than this period, a VSS processing timeout occurs, and Veeam Backup & Replication fails to create a transactionally consistent backup of the VM. The VSS processing timeout is a common problem for highly transactional applications such as Microsoft Exchange.

To overcome this limitation, Veeam Backup & Replication uses the persistent VSS snapshots technology for backup of Microsoft Exchange VMs. If Microsoft Exchange has to be kept frozen for a longer period of time than the allowed one, Veeam Backup & Replication automatically fails over to the persistent VSS snapshot mechanism.

Backup of Microsoft Exchange VMs is performed in the following way:

  1. Veeam Backup & Replication triggers the Microsoft VSS framework to prepare Microsoft Exchange on the VM for backup.
  2. The Microsoft VSS writer attempts to quiesce Microsoft Exchange.
  3. If the Microsoft VSS writer fails to quiesce Microsoft Exchange within the allowed period of time, the control is passed to the native Veeam VSS writer. The Veeam VSS writer holds the freeze operation for the necessary amount of time.
  4. After Microsoft Exchange data is brought to a consistent state, the control is passed to the Microsoft VSS provider. The Microsoft VSS framework creates a persistent VSS snapshot for VM disks except the system VM disk.
  5. The job session proceeds as usual.
  6. After the backup operation is complete, Veeam Backup & Replication triggers Microsoft VSS to remove the persistent VSS snapshot on the production VM. The persistent VSS snapshot holding consistent application data inside the created VM backup remains.
  7. During entire VM restore, Veeam Backup & Replication recovers data from the backup and reverts VM disks to the persistent VSS snapshot inside the backup. As a result, the Microsoft Exchange VM is restored from the backup in a consistent state without data loss.
Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange allows you to restore and export Microsoft Exchange objects from backups created in Veeam Backup & Replication and Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365.

To perform recovery of a single mailbox, multiple mailboxes, folders and items you simply:

  1. Launch Restore Wizard
  2. Specify Connection Settings (on premises or Exchange Online)
  3. Specify Target Mailbox and Domain Account
  4. Specify Target Mailbox Server and Folder
  5. Specify Restore Options
What type of Microsoft Exchange replication does Veeam provide?
Veeam's built-in WAN Acceleration for replicating directly from backup makes Exchange backup replication over the WAN or slow connections up to 50 times faster while reducing bandwidth consumption by up to 20 times when compared to copying raw data. 

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