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Veeam Data Platform 2024 Cyber Resiliency

Proactively hunt threats with SIEM, YARA, and NIST cybersecurity best practices to significantly reduce incident response time.

  • Detect and identify cyberthreats
  • Respond and recover faster from ransomware
  • Gain secure and compliant protection for your data
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Achieve radical resilience that can only come from complete confidence in your protection, response and recovery. Built on the principles of Data Security, Data Recovery, and Data Freedom—Veeam Data Platform provides the confidence you need to take a stand against cyberattacks.
Featured Capabilities

Minimize the Devastation of a Cyberattack


AI-Powered Threat Detection

A built-in, AI-powered Threat Detection Engine performs low-impact inline entropy and file extensions analysis during backup for immediate detection. Veeam Threat Center then highlights threats and measures risks with a security score.


Security Event Forwarding

Backup anomalies are instantly reported into ServiceNow and SIEM solutions for immediate triage and to reduce further risk to your data.


Get a Second Opinion

Let your preferred detection and response solution report infections directly into the Veeam Incident API, marking existing restore points as infected or triggering a backup.

Empower Your Team to Slash Incident Response Time


Avoid Reinfection

Get enhanced pinpoint-identified malware insights with YARA content analysis to prevent reinfection back into your environment.


Automate Clean Recovery

Gain peace of mind in recovery using analyzed, clean, malware-free restore points.


Respond With Precision

Perform point-in-time recovery to the moment before infection with I/O Anomaly Visualizer to limit data loss.

Complete Your Security & Compliance Standing


Guarantee Survival

Prevent the accidental or malicious deletion or encryption of backups by employing a zero-trust architecture, “four-eyes” admin protection, and immutable backups.


Verify Security and Compliance

Ensure successful recovery with automated scans and monitoring using the Security & Compliance Analyzer, leveraging infrastructure hardening and data protection and security best practices.


Put the Spotlight on Malware

Highlight threats, identify risks, and measure the security score of your environment in the Veeam Threat Center.


Everything You Need for Radical Resilience


AI-Powered Assistance

Receive immediate in-product assistance using generative AI powered by large language models, trained on product documentation with real-time access to Veeam’s knowledge base.


YARA Rule Management

Import YARA rule files for increased security, management, and visibility – allowing for previews, automated distribution, and controlling rule assignments.


Storage-Efficient Immutability

Lock in backup integrity and retention with ease using native APIs on external dedupe storage – now including EMC Data Domain and HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Copy.


Backup of Object Storage

Strengthen recovery with powerful granular restore capabilities for your on-premises or cloud object storage data, secured by an ultra-resilient immutable backup.


NetApp ONTAP FlexGroup Support

Enhance integration into NetApp ONTAP supporting NetApp FlexGroups for both the Veeam NAS Backup as well as the VMware Storage Integration.


Planned Failover Without Disruption

Verify and orchestrate recovery for when you need to plan and execute failover without interrupting the workloads that run your business.


Automated Cloud Recovery Validation

Save time by automating necessary manual post-recovery tasks when recovering an on-premises workload into Microsoft Azure.


Extended Hypervisor Support

Veeam Data Platform continues to align with your choice of where you run your workloads, adding Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager to the breadth of supported hypervisors.


Enhanced Key Management for Backups

Embrace security best practices for your backups with centrally managed backup encryption keys using Key Management Systems (KMS).


Bring Your Archives in From the Cold

Own and automate the complete data lifecycle for your backup copies by leveraging low-cost and cold storage classes within on-premises object storage.


Support for Additional Repositories

Recovery from Veeam Data Cloud Vault and S3 repositories – AWS, Wasabi, on-premises S3.


Instant Recovery for PostgreSQL

Avoid business interruption with instant availability for PostgreSQL, allowing users to work while data recovery and journaling occur in the background.


Secure DR for Oracle Solaris

Recover Oracle Solaris workloads to production on dissimilar hardware with secure, token-based bare metal recovery.


Accelerated DR for IBM AIX

Safely return essential AIX workloads to production on dissimilar hardware with secure, token-based bare metal recovery.


Protecting the IBM Platform

Eliminate the need for multiple backup solutions in your IBM data center with the new, fully certified plug-in for IBM DB2, support for IBM Jaguar tape drives, and support for OS’s and SAP HANA running on IBM Power.


Explore New Capabilities

Early Threat Detection

Low-impact inline entropy and file extensions analysis during backup.

Put the Spotlight on Malware

Highlight threats, identify risks and measure the security score of your environment.

Recovery Is Your Last Line of Defense

Perform orchestrated recovery of an entire environment using malware-free restore points.

Packaging Options

Unlock Enterprise-Grade Protection

Available in three comprehensive enterprise-grade editions— with our most powerful premium option bringing you the complete, secure protection that can only be achieved with Veeam Data Platform.

Veeam Data Platform


  • New Inline Malware Detection
  • New SIEM integration via syslog
  • New Security & Compliance Analyzer


All features of Foundation plus

  • YARA Content Analysis, real‑time reporting, and issue remediation
  • New Veeam Threat Center
  • New ServiceNow integration


All features of Advanced plus

  • Compliant and tested recovery, tailored to your needs
  • New DR to cloud with automated network quarantine
  • New recovery plan testing with malware scanning


What is Veeam Data Platform?

Veeam Data Platform is an end-to-end data recovery platform designed to accelerate your hybrid cloud initiatives. It offers increased cyber resiliency, hybrid-cloud optimization, and direct-to-object storage capabilities.

How does Veeam Data Platform work? 

Veeam Data Platform provides immutable, high-performance backups and direct to object storage at any scale. It optimizes moving or copying backups between different storage types, preserving data reduction with intelligent backup data migration.

What is Veeam's direct-to-object storage backup? 

This feature allows you to send your enterprise scale datacenter backups directly to Veeam’s ecosystem of object storage partners on-premises or in the cloud, reducing cost and complexity of managing backups.

Does Veeam Data Platform offer ransomware protection?

Yes, Veeam Data Platform provides expanded ransomware protection by detecting threats and malicious behavior before you restore with clean data. It aids the fastest response to ransomware attacks.

How does Veeam Data Platform ensure data integrity?

Veeam Data Platform features immutable storage for Microsoft Azure Blob and Cloud-Native Workloads, adding a critical layer of security to your cloud-hosted workloads.

What are the multi-cloud capabilities of Veeam Data Platform?

Veeam Data Platform provides multi-cloud visibility and allows you to monitor your multi-cloud backup policies with simple at-a-glance reports and new alarms, ensuring efficient management.

Does Veeam Data Platform support Kubernetes backups?

Yes, Veeam Data Platform offers centralized visibility and management of Kubernetes data protection with the new Veeam Backup & Replication plug-in for Veeam Kasten.

How does Veeam Data Platform enhance enterprise protection management?

It simplifies management of large environments with flexible policy-like jobs and new recovery time objective (RTO) and RPO status views with specific service level agreement (SLA) compliance reporting.

What are Veeam Data Platform's NAS capabilities?

Veeam Data Platform maintains a user’s full read/write access to SMB file shares after a disaster with new Instant Recovery for NAS backups, eliminating NAS access gaps.

Does Veeam Data Platform offer Cloud DR?

Yes, Veeam Data Platform supports Orchestrated Cloud Disaster Recovery, ensuring zero-loss recovery with more ways to backup workloads that are migrated to the cloud.

Can Veeam Data Platform backup Microsoft SQL Server?

Yes, you can directly backup to Veeam repositories with NEW Plug-in for Microsoft SQL Server, which standardizes recovery.

I am an existing customer of Veeam Data Platform, how do I upgrade to the latest version?

To perform an upgrade of Veeam Backup & Replication to version 12.1, follow these articles: VMware and Hyper-V. To perform an upgrade of Veeam ONE to version 12.1, follow this article. To perform an upgrade of Veeam Recovery Orchestaror to version 7, follow this article.

I am an existing customer of Veeam Data Platform, but not Premium edition yet. How do I upgrade to Premium to get access to all new features?

Simply contact us and we will provide you with upgrade options for your organization.

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