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Global ransomware attacks

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a maliciously created malware that finds and encrypts an organization’s files and storage.

Through entry points like phishing emails, users can unintentionally allow this attack into the organization.

Cybercriminals use this malware to extort money from the organization, which is given the option to pay a usually high ransom to unencrypt the data or rely on backup to restore. However, many ransomware attacks also seek out all production and backup files and documents. By encrypting those too, the attack leaves the organization no choice but to meet the cybercriminals’ demands.

Ransomware types

The real cost of ransomware

Ransomware is no longer a question of if but when.

93 %
organizations attacked every year

$67,000 average cost per hour of downtime (USD)

50% percentage of new data not fully protected

$84,166 average recovery cost per attack (USD)

  • 96% of Veeam customers cut their average ransomware recovery costs under $5,000

  • 76% of Veeam customers have to spend NOTHING AT ALL

Veeam ransomware capabilities

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Ransomware protection alliance

The Veeam ransomware protection alliance brings together some of the most powerful solution providers in the industry with the #1 ransomware recovery solution. Click on their logos to learn more about their unique ransomware protection services.

Ransomware partner showcase

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    Veeam and Pure can help you recover from ransomware with tight integration of Pure Storage Flash arrays for frequent backups, rapid flash restores and immutable snapshots.

    See how Pure and Veeam can help

Ransomware protection alliance

  • Cisco logo
    Rapid ransomware recovery with USC Learn more
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise logo
    Rapid ransomware recovery for 3PAR solutions Learn more
  • AWS logo
    Protecting your AWS Cloud from ransomware Learn more
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    Immutable backups to prevent ransomware Learn more
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    Powerful ransomware protection for ThinkAgile/ThinkSystem Learn more

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