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Kubernetes Data Protection Platform


  • Amazon RDS

  • Cassandra

  • MongoDB

  • SQL Server

  • PostgreSQL

  • MySQL

  • K8ssandra

  • Elasticsearch

  • EDB

  • Kanister

  • Kafka


  • Amazon EKS

  • EKS-Anywhere

  • AKS

  • GKE

  • Digital Ocean

  • HPE Ezmeral

  • Kubernetes

  • K3S

  • NKE

  • Mirantis

  • OKE

  • Openshift

  • SUSE Rancher

  • VMware Tanzu


  • Amazon EBS

  • ADS

  • Amazon S3

  • Ceph

  • CSI

  • Cisco

  • GCS

  • Dell Technologies

  • HPE

  • Infinidat

  • MinIO

  • Hitachi

  • OCI

  • Lenovo

  • Zadara

  • Net App

  • Pure Storage

  • Vast

  • Azure


  • Kyverno

  • OPA

  • Red Hat

  • Vault

  • AWS

Technology Alliances

Rich Ecosystem Support

Veeam Kasten integrations with industry leaders help deliver a simple and secure way for customers to modernize their infrastructure, gain operational consistency, and seamlessly migrate and protect cloud native workloads across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

A to Z Protection for EKS

Easily manage and protect EKS container data across clusters and regions with a fully integrated solution for data migration, backup, EBS and S3 storage, disaster recovery, and ransomware resilience for applications on Amazon EKS and EKS anywhere.


Simplified Journey to the Cloud

Veeam Kasten integrations with Microsoft provide data mobility, resilience, and flexibility for AKS clusters on Azure. CSI certifications with Azure Blob and Azure Container Storage ensure secure Kubernetes data in the public cloud and beyond.


Secure Enterprise Kubernetes

Our collaboration and validations with Red Hat help organizations accelerate modernization with simplified portability, enterprise data protection, and a reliable, consistent management plane for securing OpenShift everywhere.


Validated Technologies for Cloud Native Applications

Support for all major cloud-based managed Kubernetes offerings.
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Aws logo kasten logofarm
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red hat logofarm
suse rancher logofarm
VMware Tanzu logofarm
Support for storage via a Container-Storage Interface (CSI) as well as direct storage integrations for efficiency.
Ceph logofarm
Cisco logofarm
Cloudian logofarm
DellEMC logofarm
Hewlett packard logofarm
Hitachi logofarm
Infinidat logofarm
Lenovo logofarm
Minio logofarm
Scality logofarm
Zadara logofarm
Support for all leading Kubernetes offerings across on-premises and public clouds.
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EDB kasten logofarm
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K8ssandra logofarm
Kafka logofarm
Kyverno logofarm
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MySQL logofarm
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PostgreSQL logofarm
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Server logofarm

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Radical Resilience is Our Difference

With Veeam by your side, you have the confidence knowing that you can
meet the IT needs of today and tomorrow.

E-Book: Kubernetes Success Stories

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