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Alliance Partners

The Veeam Alliance Partner program is designed to drive higher market share
and profitability for our Alliance Partners through joint development efforts
and strategic activities that increase industry awareness and sales.

Alliance Partner Program

Join Veeam® and together we'll deliver something fundamentally different to a growing marker - Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™

Additional Information

Global Alliance Partners

Together with our Global Stragetic Alliance Partners, Veeam delivers Availability, data center transformation, infrastructure modernization and cloud solutions and services to our joint clients worlwide.


Three levels of participation

  • Global Strategic Level
  • Elite Alliance
  • Access Level
Global Strategic-level partners are iconic IT companies that make a significant investment with Veeam in joint solutions, go-to-market activities, practices and services. Together, we deliver industry leading Availability solutions to clients worldwide. These Veeam alliance partnerships drive measurable sales and market share growth for the Global Strategic partner. Participation is by invitation only.
Partners in the Elite level have a significant market presence in areas that are strategic to Veeam, in addition to expertise that is complementary to Veeam. Veeam engages in joint go-to-market sales and development activities with these partners.

Meet our Elite Alliance Partners

To learn more about the Veeam Alliance Partner Program download our program guide


Partners in the Access level build go-to-market activities with Veeam. These partners recognize the value of partnering with Veeam to address their customers’ Availability challenges. Access-level partners have full access to all technical information, collateral and partner marketing resources for building best-in-class products, practices and consulting services with Veeam Availability.

To qualify, e-mail allianceprogram@veeam.com

Alliance Partners Benefits

Joint solution benefits

Attract more customers with an all-inclusive solution.

  • Offer a unique solution to meet customer needs
  • Customize special offers and promotions
  • Benefit from joint reseller sales enablement

Training and accreditation

Your sales team can be Veeam experts for FREE!

  • Classroom setting and personalized training sessions
  • Library of training content
  • One-on-one training with a Veeam specialist

Sales and marketing tools

Create new opportunities and grow current customers with a dedicated Veeam team.

Rest easy with 24x7 support

You get the support you need to increase and speed up your Veeam sales — guaranteed!