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Azure backup and recovery

Automated Azure-native backup built for today’s enterprise to overcome any cloud data loss


Backup 10 Azure VMs FREE

Native Azure backup and recovery

Microsoft Azure provides a reliable cloud computing platform for agile and scalable building, testing and deployment of modern apps. While Microsoft assumes responsibility for the infrastructure, their Shared Responsibility Model makes it clear that it is still your data and you retain the responsibility to secure and protect it.

Veeam® provides enterprise-ready Azure backup and recovery capabilities, fully automated for protecting and managing all your Azure data at scale with ease. Cost-effectiveness and security are front of mind without sacrificing reliability or SLA attainment, eliminating the risk of data loss while avoiding cloud overspend and unexpected costs.

#1 Azure backup and recovery

Reliable backup and recovery

Azure-native backup and recovery, fully automated for simple yet powerful data protection that won’t let you down.

Actualize cloud savings

Industry-first cost management tools and low-cost tiering options eliminate the potential of cloud overspend.

Secure and compliant protection

Fight back against ransomware and cybersecurity threats while ensuring compliant data protection and archive.

Hybrid-cloud ready

Unify Azure data protection and management with all hybrid- and multi-cloud data from a common control plane.

Native. Cost-effective. Secure. Hybrid-ready


Backup and recover Azure VMs with purpose-built tools that don’t require agents.

Policy-based automation

Automate Azure snapshots and backups with fully customizable policies and scheduling.

Application consistency

Zero data loss backup and recovery without shutting down VMs or disconnecting volumes.

Fast, flexible recovery

From entire VMs and volumes to individual files and folders, recover in as little as seconds.

Backup cost calculation

Industry-first backup cost calculation to avoid unexpected expenses.

Low-cost tiering

Automatically tier backup to hot and cool Azure Blob tiers for cost-effective long-term retention and compliance.

Multi-subscription support

Easily scale and manage the protection of all workloads across your Azure subscriptions.

Cross-subscription/region backup

Secure against internal and external threats like ransomware by isolating backup data from production.


Integrate, automate and manage Azure backup and recovery with other apps in your tech stack.

Mobilize your data

Seamlessly move your apps and data to, from and across Azure and other private and public cloud platforms.

Hybrid made easy

Unify Azure data protection and management with all hybrid- and multi-cloud data from a common control plane.

Latest release

Hybrid made easy

Unify Azure backup and management with hybrid- and multi-cloud data from a common control plane.*

Low-cost tiering

Automatically tier backups across Azure Blob tiers for affordable long-term retention and compliance.

Application consistency

Capture all running application data for zero data loss backup and recovery on Windows and Linux.

*When combined with Veeam Backup & Replication v11 or later.

How it works

  • Snapshots and Backup
  • Recover in Azure
  • Recover outside of Azure
  1. Policy-based automation of snapshots
  2. Tier snapshots to Azure Blob storage (hot or cold)
  1. Full Azure VM or volume recovery in or out of place from snapshot
  2. Full Azure VM or volume recovery in or out of place from backup in object storage
  3. File-level recovery from snapshot
  4. File-level recovery from backup in object storage
  1. Backup copy job to on-premises backup repository
  2. Instant VM Recovery
  3. Recovery to on-premises VM
  4. Direct restore to AWS

Flexible packaging and pricing to fit any environment

Capabilities Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure

A standalone solution to back up and recover Azure workloads within Azure only
Veeam Backup & Replication

#1 backup and recovery for unified hybrid-/multi-cloud data protection and management

Azure backup and recovery

Cost control    
Security and compliance    
Unlimited data portability    
Hybrid-/multi-cloud management    
Centralized monitoring and reporting    
Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure is available as a virtual machine (VM) offer exclusively through the Azure Marketplace in both Free and BYOL editions.


Free edition






Back up 10 Azure VMs FREE
Basic email support


BYOL edition

$40 USD

per Azure VM per year

Backup and recover in Azure only
Production 24/7 Support


BYOL edition


Portable licensing

Backup and recover anything, anywhere
Production 24/7 support

Unify Azure backup and recovery with other workloads

Veeam Backup & Replication

One solution for simple, reliable and flexible protection for ALL cloud, virtual and physical data


Does Azure back up your data?
The short answer is no. Microsoft does not keep backups of your data. Per their Shared Responsibility Model, it is your responsibility to ensure data is secured and protected, among other components, depending on whether it is IaaS, PaaS or SaaS being consumed.
Why should you back up Azure?
Backup and recovery of data in Microsoft Azure remains the responsibility of the end user, as referenced in the Microsoft Shared Responsibility Model. Without backup and recovery, your applications or data cannot be restored to overcome data loss due to accidental deletion, cybersecurity threats and ransomware, outage, etc. Veeam delivers enterprise-grade Azure backup and recovery that’s cost-effective and secure, protecting you against any cloud data loss.
How does Veeam's Azure backup and recovery work?
Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure can automatically create and manage snapshots and backups of Azure VMs (managed or unmanaged VHDs), including VM configuration. Backup chains can be created with image-level backups or with snapshots. Image-level backups can include full and incremental backups. Cloud-native snapshots include point-in-time snapshots. Recovery can be performed at the full- and file-level in as little as seconds.

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