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Feature comparison for small business

With more than a decade of leadership and innovation, Veeam® has delivered industry-first capabilities, eliminating the biggest data protection challenges. Veeam sets itself apart from the rest with powerful backup and recovery capabilities, backed by strong support, and off-the-chart customer satisfaction ratings.

See how Veeam’s powerful, easy-to-use and affordable solution compares to other small business backup solutions.

Feature Veeam Backup Essentials Other Small Business Backup Solutions The Veeam Difference
Complete Solution 
Single platform for virtual, physical and cloud   Partial

Veeam: Veeam protects ALL your workloads, such as virtual machines, physical servers, workstations, cloud instances, applications and more.

Others: Most vendors cannot protect all workloads, leaving you to fill the gaps with additional backup solutions.

Full machine, disk, and guest OS file restore    

Veeam: Recover an entire machine, individual disks, and guest OS files from a single backup.

Others: Almost all vendors can recover an entire machine, disks and guest OS files. 

Cross-platform Instant Recovery for any workload   No or Partial Veeam: Having extended Veeam’s patented Instant VM Recovery® to other workloads, you can instantly recover any workload – virtual machines, physical servers, workstations, cloud instances – to any platform – vSphere, AWS, Azure, Hyper-V – by running them directly from the backup.
Others: Most vendors can instantly recover a VM. Yet, only a few vendors can instantly recover workloads beyond VMware or Hyper-V. Those who do, can typically instantly recover only physical servers (they cannot instantly recover other workloads, such as workstations or cloud instances).
Agentless application item recovery   No or Partial

Veeam: Agentlessly recover individual items from backups of applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, Active Directory, Oracle and more.

Others: Half the vendors cannot granularly recover application items. Those who do, typically require agents to recover application items and offer limited recovery options (i.e. only download items to the backup server).

Restore to public cloud and object storage   No or Partial

Veeam: Recover data directly to public clouds such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack.

Others: Over half the vendors cannot recover data to public clouds. Those who do, typically take more manual steps than Veeam or support only one cloud platform.

Agentless, application-aware, image-based backups   Partial

Veeam: Create application-consistent, image-level VM backups with application-aware processing without an agent.

Others: Most vendors create application consistent VM backups without agents, but they never support all the applications that Veeam supports. Several vendors require agents for log processing or to achieve application awareness, which is needed to granularly recover application items.

Backup copy    

Veeam: Copy existing backup data to another disk system for a secondary backup copy. Send backup data to an off-site location that uses dissimilar hardware.

Others: All vendors can copy existing backup data to another repository.

Backup and Recovery from Storage Snapshots    

Veeam: Create image-based backups from storage snapshots as often as necessary with minimal impact on production and recover individual VMs, Windows physical servers, guest files, and application items from storage snapshots.

Others: Almost no vendor can create a backup from storage snapshots and recover data from storage snapshots, and rare vendors who can recover data from storage snapshots typically support few arrays and offer limited recovery options (i.e. no granular application item recovery).

Copy backups to cloud and object storage   Partial or Supported

Veeam: Immediately duplicate newly-created backups to object storage with policy-based copy management.

Others: Most vendors can copy backup to cloud object storage, but they regularly support only a limited set of cloud platforms, lack advanced backup copy settings, or have limited data recovery options from backups stored in the cloud. Over half the vendors cannot recover data to public clouds. Those who do, typically take more manual steps than Veeam or support only one cloud platform. 

Automated backup testing and recovery verification   No or Partial

Veeam: Automatically test protected VMs for recoverability by running the VM directly from the backup file or replica in an isolated environment, thanks to Veeam’s patented SureBackup® and SureReplica. Veeam also supports built-in scripts for application verification.

Others: Half the vendors cannot verify protected VMs for recoverability. The vendors who do, typically offer basic test recovery isolation, do not perform advanced verification tests, or lack automated or flexible verification scheduling.

Scalable, storage agnostic NAS backup and recovery   No or Partial

Veeam: Modernize NAS protection and restore to anywhere with extensive support for SMB, NFS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux file and shares without requiring vendor specific APIs or NDMP. Veeam also includes a native changed file tracking mechanism for improved RPOs.

Others: Some vendors cannot protect NAS data. Those who do, typically protect only a few specific types of NAS devices, because they use NDMP or suffer from inefficiencies, as they lack capabilities such as changed block tracking.

Immutability for ransomware protection   Some vendors support

Veeam: Create immutable backup copies by leveraging advanced object storage functionality on Amazon S3 and supported S3-compatible on-premises object storage.

Others: Half the vendors can create immutable backup copies.

Other features
Advanced monitoring and reporting    

Veeam: Veeam ONE™ delivers powerful monitoring and analytics for the entire IT environment, with comprehensive dashboards and over a hundred predefined and customizable reports, including Intelligent Diagnostics and Automated Remediation to automatically troubleshoot and resolve issues.

Others: Offer only basic monitoring, typically limited to backup and recovery job statistics.

Image-based VM replication   Partial

Veeam: Replicate VMs on-site or off-site for disaster recovery (DR). Seed replica VMs from existing backups.

Others: Most vendors integrate VM replication into their core backup product, but they typically have limitations, such as extra costs, support for VMware only, or VM replication from backups only (not from production VM).

Native tape support   Partial

Veeam: Store backups on standalone tapes, tape libraries, and virtual tape libraries.

Others: Most vendors can store backups on tape, but they regularly have limitations, such as limited tape management capabilities, limited recovery options from tape, or requiring a separate product.

License portability   Some vendors support

Veeam: Veeam Universal License (VUL) is a flexible and portable solution for protecting multiple, different workloads on premises and in the cloud. As your environment changes, your backup licenses can be reallocated right along with it!

Others: Some vendors tie licenses to a workload type and cannot be adjusted as your environment changes, but several vendors offer capacity or appliance-based licenses and provide some flexibility to be adjusted as you go.

The Veeam Difference

Over 4,400 experts and hundreds of support engineers available 24.7.365 all over the world, are here to help you. Not to mention, you can quickly sharpen your skills thanks to industry-leading educational resources, such as how-to-videos, detailed user guides, extremely active user forums and intelligent diagnostics. Have the peace-of-mind that your backup has YOUR back.

Other SMB backup vendors simply can’t operate at this scale and lack people and resources. They provide limited customer support due to limited staff only available in certain time zones and regions. With less tools, guides and resources, you’ll spend extra time trying to solve problems, fixing bugs and troubleshooting through their products. 

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