IDC Puts Hard Numbers on the Business Value of the Veeam Platform and Veeam Backup and Recovery

Measuring the business value of Veeam’s Modern Data Protection software is an interesting proposition. On the one hand, when ransomware strikes and your Veeam backups and Instant Recovery save the day, it’s easy to put a hard number on the value of business continuity. But backup and recovery are useful in so many more ways outside of when disaster strikes. Modern Data Protection can positively affect productivity, budgets and efficiency.

To put hard numbers around the benefit and cost savings of Veeam solutions, we recently partnered with IDC. The analyst firm conducted an independent study of large Veeam customers to quantify the business value that Veeam solutions deliver in the real world. IDC recently released the results in a report titled, The Business Value of the Veeam Platform.  

The report looks at customers’ data protection “before Veeam” vs. “after Veeam”. The big numbers are: Veeam delivers an average annual benefit of $1.1M (US) per organization in the study with a nine-month pay-back window.  Included in these top-line numbers are the measured savings due to risk reduction benefits, IT costs savings and business productivity benefits.

However, the study goes further in depth, looking at financial analysis of operational efficiency, labor efficiency, total cost of ownership, downtime, data lost and other more. If you are a Veeam customer today, you probably won’t be that surprised that the numbers came back so positive.

However, if you are looking at Veeam as a solution to replace, or augment, your backup and recovery practice, consider this report and compare the findings with how well your organization is currently performing. Without giving too much away… here are a few highlights, starting with the obvious question of “how quickly can you recover?”.

The answer for Veeam customers is: pretty damn fast. Depending on the workload, recovery times dropped dramatically after Veeam was deployed. Specifically, 10 times faster recovery times were seen for SaaS applications, M365 for example, and 7.3 times faster for VM workloads.

Other significant measures analyzed the operational costs and productivity gains for infrastructure teams. IDC calculated the three-year infrastructure cost benefit at $1.9M per organization and a gain of 28% when look at total FTE count.

The study also cites additional positive gains for organizations that are adjacent to the IT backup-and-recovery team, such as the development, compliance and security teams. Get the full report to see the results but I’ll share one of the findings related to the help desk team because they are near and dear to my heart and background.

IDC found that once Veeam is deployed, the help desk teams experience both lower ticket traffic and improved time-to-resolution due to higher levels of backup and recovery automation, performance and the resulting higher level of availability.

It is important to recognize that not all benefits are quite as tangible as putting a stopwatch to your backup and recovery operations or counting help desk calls. The report substantiates each benefit calculation with the voice of the customers interviewed and shares exactly how Veeam has made big changes for them personally, as well as their organization.

For instance, a customer in the healthcare sector related the personal impact of Veeam on their team. The role of backup and recovery administrator is stressful enough. Throw in the urgency and life-impacting potential of protecting medical systems and patient data, and stress levels will soar. But according to the customer: 

Veeam brings trust into our whole system. In the past, the IT team was stressed because there were often times when backups were not successful, and restoration was impossible. Now, they have no issues, and the stress is much less. This is very important.

— Healthcare organization
Our infrastructure was growing, and the backup windows were not keeping pace. We had situations where it was taking over a week to back up a server. It would have required a complete reworking of our licensing to address this, so we decided to look elsewhere. When looking at what was required to address the issues, and looking at other alternatives, we found that Veeam checked all of the boxes for what we needed at a lower cost.

— Education organization

So, take a look at IDC’s The Business Value of the Veeam Platform. Download it for free and elevate how you currently evaluate the impact of backup and recovery and other capabilities found in the Veeam Platform.  It is a great business conversation starter as we enter Q3, and many organizations start organizing staff and budgeting for the addition of new infrastructure initiatives to help them achieve business goals.

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