Orchestrated Backup and Disaster Recovery with NetApp Integration

Backup, orchestration and NetApp integration

Technology continues to evolve to support business operations, helping streamline meeting the day-to-day demands of the modern world. As the data center grows to support a multitude of applications, more factors should be considered when it comes to protecting data and recovering from data loss and/or downtime. When it comes to eliminating data loss and combating downtime due to some type of disaster, a DR plan should be in place for every business. Innovating plans by implementing automation and orchestration allows for preplanning and testing for a fool-proof method of recovery.

A trusted, reliable backup solution implemented with adaptable storage to enhance recovery is a game changer in any DR plan. Veeam and NetApp have a long history of partnership to modernize backup, streamline recovery and adapt to unexpected change when needed. Through Veeam Availability and NetApp ONTAP solutions, you can orchestrate backup and DR, have an ideal backup repository with NetApp E-Series and gain reliable execution and accessible data with NetApp HCI. Through these different offerings, Veeam and NetApp work together to guarantee workload availability.

Fast, efficient backup & recovery with storage snapshots

Backup from Storage Snapshots isn’t a new Veeam offering, but it’s one way to speed up backup and replication for VMware vSphere VMs whose disks are hosted on a NetApp device. This in turn reduces the impact of data protection activities on production environments. A backup is only as good as its recovery, Veeam Explorer for Storage Snapshots provides a multitude of ways to recovery from a NetApp snapshot including item level, application level and Instant VM Recovery.

How else can we utilize snapshots you ask? By utilizing NetApp with On-Demand Sandbox, you can troubleshoot problems with VMs and test software patches and upgrades in a totally isolated environment that is fenced off from production. This allows you to not only verify restores but perform any testing and updating that is needed before implementing into production.

What about DR orchestration?

With the amount of different applications that reside in the data center, planning for an unexpected disaster should include the knowledge of the interdependencies between applications. By taking the time to analyze and plan for a disaster, you can orchestrate what machines, based on their criticality, will be recovered first. Veeam Disaster Recovery Orchestrator not only allows you to orchestrate your DR but also provides testing and documentation to ensure any business is well equipped to tackle any disaster.

When creating your DR plan within Orchestrator, you can utilize the Storage Orchestration Plan feature. This allows you to utilize the integration with NetApp SnapMirror replication. Using Orchestrator with the DR technology of SnapMirror, you can automate the recovery of your VMware machines on ONTAP Storage. Storage Orchestration plans allow you to leverage NetApp Snapshots with minimal manual intervention, performing full disaster recovery orchestration and failback with ease.

Orchestrator also allows you to perform testing on your DR plans. Through the DataLab test, you can make sure that all of the plan’s steps complete successfully in case of the disaster. Partner this with the documentation Orchestrator provides, you can ensure you are meeting compliance, hitting SLAs and provide assuredness to all stakeholders that your business is ready for DR when it happens.

Automate disaster recovery orchestration with NetApp integration

Every business should have a disaster recovery strategy. Disaster recovery happens all the time and having a trusted, flexible and reliable plan in place is essential. Many different factors can contribute to a disaster, it may be environmental induced, virus activated or the result of a malicious insider. No matter what the factor, a technology that is adaptable, reliable and simple should be implemented. The Veeam platform for Modern Data Protection gives businesses the tools needed for unparalleled data protection for cloud, SaaS, virtual, Kubernetes and physical workloads. Combine this with the integration of your NetApp array and you gain a reliable and powerful solution for all your disaster recovery needs.


For more information on Veeam and NetApp integration check out these resources:

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