Expanding the end-to-end data protection story with Nutanix

Since Nutanix’s announcement of Nutanix Mine with Veeam and subsequent release early last year, we’ve been hard at work strengthening the additional points of intersection between Veeam and Nutanix. Let’s take a look at some of our recent achievements and explore how, in conjunction with Nutanix Mine with Veeam, a complete story for your data’s lifecycle comes together.

Veeam is Nutanix Ready for Files

Nutanix Files is Nutanix’s software-defined file system offering built for the modern data center with cloud-like flexibility and scalability. Nutanix Files integrates seamlessly into existing Nutanix environments. It can be provisioned alongside other workloads such as AHV instances and block storage and is managed by the same Prism interface as the other products in the Nutanix portfolio. With the introduction of NAS backup support in Veeam Backup & Replication v10, Veeam has taken a similar integrated approach by expanding its existing set of supported backup sources to include file-based workloads. This is all covered by a Universal Licensing model and wholly managed in Veeam Backup & Replication. We’re happy to report that Veeam Backup & Replication has been tested Nutanix Ready for Files, helping to ensure that the functionality of NAS backup introduced in Veeam Backup & Replication v10 and subsequent NAS updates added in Veeam V11 are compatible. 

Combating ransomware with Nutanix Objects

Last year, Veeam and Nutanix brought to market a new turnkey data protection solution that delivers high availability and scalability called Nutanix Mine with Veeam. This was designed to serve as a high-performing, primary landing zone for backups, in addition to hosting Veeam’s software suite. Since then we’ve seen the use case of Mine expand from that secondary storage location to accommodate a more seamless pairing with a longer-term repository in Nutanix Objects, Nutanix’s own object-based storage.

A Nutanix Objects cluster provides the ideal platform for filling in the Capacity Tier of a Nutanix Mine with Veeam‘s Scale-Out Backup Repository, given its highly scalable architecture and cost-effective licensing model. As with Files, Nutanix Objects can be seamlessly managed using Prism, the interface that spans across Nutanix products. Nutanix Objects can also operate independently of Nutanix Mine with Veeam, meaning a Nutanix Objects cluster can be integrated into any Veeam environment as a repository store.

Most notably, Nutanix Objects offers support for S3-compliant WORM, which is compatible with Veeam’s implementation of Immutability for Capacity Tier. This makes it a viable line of protection against ransomware and other malicious threats. In addition, Nutanix Objects has been qualified as Veeam Ready Object with Immutability to serve as a viable solution for your long-term data retention requirements with hardened security.

A comprehensive data lifecycle management platform:

Over the last few years, Veeam has bolstered its integration across the Nutanix product portfolio to become the most complete and holistic data-protection solution for the Nutanix environment. Protection is offered to primary workloads, including AHV and Nutanix Files, served from a highly available and scalable secondary storage in Nutanix Mine with Veeam and tiered off to longer-term storage such as Nutanix Objects. Throughout this entire journey, your data’s lifecycle can be managed through the familiar and consistent Nutanix Prism interface.


To complement this end-to-end offering, Veeam’s Universal License extends protection across additional workloads both physical and virtual and to any type of cloud, whether public or private. And to tie everything together, Veeam’s portable data format provides flexibility of storage and recovery across multi-hypervisor and multi-cloud environments. Together, Veeam and Nutanix provide a complete data-protection solution that includes robust and comprehensive functionality, packaged in a simple-to-deploy-and-manage format. This offers you effortless and invisible modern data protection, so that you can get on with the business of innovation.

The story doesn’t end here! Veeam and Nutanix are continuing to push these integrations further, and we look forward to sharing that with you next time. Try out the demo for yourself!

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