How Veeam Service Provider Console Simplifies Operations for Service Providers

Service providers play a critical role in helping businesses navigate the complexities of modern technology. However, they face numerous challenges that demand constant adaptation and innovation. These challenges include scalability, resource constraints and disparate tools, to name a few. Below are the top four capabilities of Veeam Service Provider Console that allow service providers to scale their Backup-as-a-Service and Disaster Recovery as-a-Service offerings and simplify business operations.

Drive Scalability With Centralized Management

Multi-tenant monitoring and management without a centralized platform can slow scalability, customer response times, and lead to missed SLAs. Service providers can now scale their businesses from a central location with Veeam Service Provider Console’s intuitive user interface or via robust API integration. This includes:

  • Remote monitoring and management of customers’ Veeam-protected workloads, including Microsoft 365, AWS, Microsoft Azure, virtual machines (VMs), including those protected by Veeam Continuous Data Protection (CDP), and managed computers, workstations, and servers protected by Veeam Agents.
  • Visibility into customers’ Veeam-protected data, including reporting on protected workloads, policy states and trends of completed backup jobs.

Optimize Licensing, Reporting and Billing Resources

Having to manually bill, provision licenses and gather usage for reporting creates operational inefficiency. Too many disparate tools and the lack of automation can cause resource constraints. Service providers can simplify license management, reduce time spent on monthly license usage reporting and consolidate business operations into one centralized platform with Veeam Service Provider Console and the VCSP Pulse integration. Capabilities include:

  • Create, install, revoke and automatically update license keys generated via the Pulse plug-in within Veeam Service Provider Console.
  • Give resellers autonomy to create, assign and manage licenses keys.
  • Gain top-line or granular-level license usage data across all connected Veeam servers
  • Enable automatic license reporting which allows Pulse to collect and populate license usage from all backup environments that use rental licensing.
  • Leverage built-in billing capabilities to create subscription plans, specify the cost of each service and set free of charge thresholds, or use APIs to integrate console-usage metrics into third-party billing systems.

Streamline Business Operations With Self-Service Capabilities and Service White-Labeling

Manually onboarding customers can slow revenue growth and business operations for service providers. On top of that, customers and resellers submitting tickets to create backup jobs and policies can strain a service provider’s help desk and technical resources. By leveraging Veeam Service Provider Console’s self-service capabilities, service providers can simplify their day-to-day operations and minimize personnel strain. Capabilities will:

  • Allow customers and resellers to check the status of backups for VMs, servers, Microsoft 365, AWS, and Microsoft Azure.  
  • Configure data protection and perform restores for servers, Microsoft 365 organizations, AWS, and Microsoft Azure workloads. 
  • Offer Veeam Service Provider Console as a white-label portal by providing resellers and customers with pre-defined access rights. 
  • Empower customers to perform file-level restores for workloads protected by Veeam Agents.
  • Allow tenants and resellers to gain visibility over data protection status via built-in alarms and protected data reports, which can be configured on a per-tenant basis.

Drive Technical Efficiencies With Remote Installation, Patches and Upgrades

Manually identifying patches, plus installing and upgrading Veeam Backup & Replication, is time-consuming and leaves customers’ infrastructures outdated and open to vulnerabilities. This adds complexity and resource strain to service providers. Service providers can drive technical efficiencies and save time with these capabilities in Veeam Service Provider Console:

  • Remotely install the latest version of Veeam Backup & Replication on a managed computer. This includes automatic downloads for the latest backup server ISOs, deployments of all prerequisites, license installations and server registrations in the backup portal.
  • Remotely upgrade existing backup servers and managed backup agents to the most recent version and make sure that all their managed servers are standardized to a certain version level.
  • Automatically download and install cumulative patches for managed backup servers.

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