Customer and Partner Support Central to Veeam’s Journey to Be the #1 Data Replication and Protection Software Worldwide 

2H22 Results from IDC’s Worldwide Semiannual Software Tracker for Data Replication and Protection Software puts Veeam at #1 for 2H22 and full year 2022[1].


Protection from the risk of cyber threats and ransomware is now vital for every organization. But what does it take to be #1 in the market of keeping businesses running? Well, answers vary. Especially for software companies. Some say it’s customer and partner obsession. Others say talent. Motivation. Innovation. Focus. Agility. Leadership. Quality. Ethics.

All of these are great answers! But allow me to add one of my own — you! The Veeam community.

You make us better. Day in. Day out. Year after year.

Thanks to you, Veeam now holds the global #1 position in IDC’s Worldwide Semiannual Software Tracker 2022H2 for Data Replication & Protection software. We are humbled by our customers’ adoption of our platform and portfolio of products. What a journey!

The proliferation and sophistication of cyber threats – and specifically ransomware – changes the question from whether your business will be attacked to when, and how often. Veeam recently launched our NEW Veeam Data Platform that’s focused on modern data protection and ransomware recovery. It’s a single platform that delivers advanced data security, recovery and hybrid cloud capabilities across the entire IT environment, whether that’s multi cloud, virtual, physical, hybrid, SaaS (Microsoft 365, Salesforce) or Kubernetes. Through this platform approach, every environment — however complex — can be secured and recovered quickly when it counts most, defeating ransomware attacks. We look forward to working together with our customers, partners and users to build a safer, more secure future.

To our customers, thank you for your trust.

You inspire us to do our best work. Your feedback and input make our solutions better, more pertinent, innovative, and reliable. Your challenges and dreams inspire us and motivate us to do our part in keeping businesses running around the world.

To our partners, thank you for your collaboration and support.

Our success is your success! You are the bedrock on which our business is founded; you’re committed to keeping businesses running with Veeam. Your dedication to this inspires us to deliver the best and most reliable joint backup and recovery solutions that consistently exceed customer expectations.

To our users, thank you for your enthusiasm and engagement.

You make Veeam what it is today! Your feedback and advocacy allow us to grow. Your passion, your experience and your smarts allow us to expand our reach and spread our message which makes us better every single day.

What does the IDC tracker tell us?

While of course it’s nice to be #1, we know what matters most is providing the solutions our customers and partners need to be safe and successful. 

Never have organizations faced more risks than now, especially when it comes to cyber threats and ransomware. Everything we do at Veeam is designed to help organizations successfully prepare for these threats, and if the worst happens, we’ll help you keep your data secure and rapidly and resiliently recoverable.

Those capabilities are enhanced by the feedback and experience of over 450,000 Veeam customers ranging from the smallest businesses to the largest enterprises around the world.

We are proud to have reached the #1 position in IDC’s Worldwide Semiannual Software Tracker, but we know that our success is a team effort. We must earn it every day. Our commitment? To keep innovating. To keep improving. To keep businesses running. And to work together to achieve even greater success in the future.

To our customers, we are committed to continuing to deliver high quality software that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. To our partners, we look forward to continuing to work together to deliver innovative solutions. To our users, we are committed to continuing to engage with you and listening to your feedback to ensure that we are delivering the best possible experience.

On behalf of the entire Veeam Team, thank you again.


[1] IDC declares a statistical tie in the worldwide software market when there is a difference of 0.5 percentage-point or less in rounded market share between two or more vendors.

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