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Proven & Reliable Solutions for Enterprise Grade Data Protection

Traditional data protection solutions aren’t built for today’s highly‑virtualized workloads and could be holding you back and putting your data at risk. Cisco and Veeam provide enterprise grade data protection that is reliable, fast and flexible at higher performance & half the cost of other data protection products. Cisco and Veeam deliver simple & agile data protection to protect business applications and data on premises, in remote offices or in the cloud.
Cynthia Johnson, Vice President, Global Data Center discusses why Cisco + Veeam are Better Together

Delivering Peace of Mind

Veeam + Cisco keep apps and data protected and available 24.7.365 

Enterprise-Grade Data Protection

For any workload — physical, virtual, or cloud-based to ensure data and applications are always available. Delivers even the most stringent RTOs with unmatched price and performance.


Superior Performance & Reliability

Solutions that deliver fast reliable recovery and reduced risk while seamlessly scaling to support Any app, any cloud at any scale to ensure your environment keeps up with your needs.


Streamlined Operations & Reduced Overhead

Do more with less, fast, policy-based deployments enabling seamless scaling & agility while reducing costs and complexity. Leverage backups to ensure security & compliance.

Cloud Data Management Solutions from Cisco + Veeam

  • UCS
  • HyperFlex

Delivering Reliable Availability with Cisco UCS

Veeam and Cisco UCS storage servers deliver modern data protection that is fast, reliable and proven. They are easy to use, deploy and manage providing a highly scalable combination designed to meet the ever-increasing demands placed on today's enterprises and staff. Veeam and Cisco have pre-validated configurations sized and tested to speed deployment and time to value. Together they offer:

  • Unmatched price and performance
  • Fast, easy deployment and scalability
  • Rapid restores for all data and applications
  • Verified protection

Support evolving applications & workloads 

When you embrace converged or hyperconverged infrastructures, you take a giant step forward in deploying a modern infrastructure. This enables your organization to be faster, more efficient and agile, especially in terms of application deployment, development and testing. It would be a missed opportunity, and potentially a costly mistake, if you didn’t modernize your data protection capabilities to match.

Cloud Data Management™ is a key component of delivering business agility. Together, Cisco HyperFlex and Veeam work effortlessly to protect critical business workloads and data across Multi‑Cloud environments — ensuring your data is protected for any cloud and ready for any scale. Veeam’s unique snapshot integration ensure the lowest RPOs without impacting production workloads.


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Veeam + Cisco deliver better performance at 49% lower cost
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Trusted by 400,000 Customers Worldwide

Texas Medical Association

Texas Medical Association Frees Up $700,000 with Veeam and Cisco UCS S3260 to Focus on Initiatives Supporting Public Health


Schleswig-Holstein Netz AG

Schleswig-Holstein Netz AG Ensures Reliable Operation of Energy Networks with Veeam and Cisco HyperFlex



AUCloud safeguards Australian government data with Veeam


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