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Microsoft Hyper-V Backup at its Best

Veeam® Backup & Replication™ delivers availability for all your virtual, physical and cloud-based workloads, including fast, reliable Microsoft Hyper-V backup, recovery and replication for virtualized environments running on a Windows Server.

What makes Veeam the No. 1 Hyper-V backup and disaster recovery solution isn’t just its ability to back up your Hyper-V environment; it’s Veeam’s fast, flexible and feature-rich restore functionality. Veeam restores give you the ability to recover exactly what you need, when you need it. Restore entire Hyper-V VMs in minutes and recover individual files or application items residing inside a Hyper-V backup with a simple search and restore.

Crush your recovery objectives

Flexibility to meet even your tightest recovery objectives for Microsoft Hyper-V environments.

Confidence delivered daily

Enjoy confidence with full-spectrum recovery ranging from individual file to full DR.

Be ready for Disaster Recovery

Be prepared for DR with accelerated replication that automates moving backups off-site.
  • Hyper-V Backup
  • Hyper-V Recovery
  • Hyper-V Replication
Without a reliable Hyper-V backup, you are left with restores that may not meet your recovery objectives. To maximize the success of your Hyper-V backups, Veeam Backup & Replication offers key capabilities to ensure that your backups complete successfully the first time. Ensure that your critical business applications running in Hyper-V are able to meet your SLAs by having the protection, monitoring and storage management needed to allow you to focus on other IT tasks and stop worrying about backup.

Application-consistent backups

Veeam Backup & Replication provides true application-aware processing, all in a single-pass, image-level backup of VSS-aware applications. This is the level of protection that you need to gain the flexible recovery your application needs.

Track changes for fast backups

Increase the speed and reduce the Hyper-V backup footprint by protecting only what has changed since the last backup. Veeam Backup & Replication uses changed block tracking technology to increase the speed and efficiency of incremental backups, helping you meet even the tightest of backup windows.

Move data to the cloud with confidence

Tackle your rapid data growth with built-in, scalable storage solutions that can intelligently move older backup copies to the cloud, effectively creating unlimited capacity for long-term data retention with the Scale-out Backup Repository™.

Stay alert, be aware

Ensure the success of your Hyper-V backup jobs by solving common backup issues and keeping up to date with the overall health of your virtual and backup infrastructures with more than 340 preset alarms and 150+ pre-built reports with Veeam ONE™.

Veeam Backup & Replication is built to be simple, yet comprehensive when you need it most, helping you to deliver the recovery outcomes needed by your business. Designed with the flexibility to equally tackle recovery from object level to complete Hyper-V disaster recovery, you can tackle any Hyper-V recovery scenario with confidence to meet even the most stringent of your recovery objectives.

Next-generation instant recovery engine

Take advantage of speed and reliability for your largest recovery all wrapped into a single instant recovery engine with Veeam Backup & Replication. Leverage many flexible recovery methods beyond just Instant VM Recovery® with file and multi-vm recovery from a single-pass, image-level backup. 

Recovery testing made easy through automation

Ensure recoverability and security with automation by testing VMware VM backups and replicas in an isolated virtual lab with Veeam SureBackup® and SureReplica.

Do even more with your data

You have a vast amount of production data that lives in your Hyper-V backup copies that can be easily used for deployment and testing by delivering them to
an on-demand, isolated virtual sandbox with Veeam DataLabs™ On-Demand Sandbox™.

Portability is in our DNA

Native backup format portability and recovery of any on-premises or cloud-based workloads to Azure, Azure Stack or AWS with just two simple steps.

Always follow the Veeam 3-2-1 Rule, which suggests that you maintain at least three copies of your data for protection, storing them on two disparate types of media and ensuring that one copy is maintained off site. Veeam Backup & Replication provides built-in replication that maximizes your WAN links and makes getting backup copies of your Hyper-V data to off-site locations a simple task.

Replication sourced from your backups

Reduce the burden on your production Hyper-V VMs read I/O operations by leveraging the backup copies to be the replication source. Take advantage of built-in WAN Acceleration that improves speed on both fast and slow links alike.

Be prepared for disaster recovery

For every replicated VM, Veeam Backup & Replication produces a full replica and a chain of restore points. If the original VM fails for any reason, you can temporarily or permanently fail over to the latest restore point or to an earlier point in time in minutes.

Deliver Availability, Simplicity and Scale

Fast image-level

Meet your backup window’s needs with fast, image-level backups that meet your backup window Hyper-V VMs, applications and data.

Multi-VM Instant Recovery

Accelerate mass recovery and migration with instant Hyper-V VM restores powered by Veeam’s next-generation instant recovery engine.

Protect more
with less

Protect even more Hyper-V data with less storage by allowing space-less, full backups delivered through advanced ReFS integration.

Feature Highlights: Recovery

Foundational Questions

What type of Hyper-V backup does Veeam provide?

Veeam Backup & Replication produces image-level backups of Hyper-V VMs. It treats VMs as objects, not as a set of files. When you back up VMs, Veeam Backup & Replication copies a VM image, at a block level. Image-level backups can be used for different types of restore, including Instant VM Recovery, entire VM restore, VM file recovery, and file-level recovery.

To create a backup job, simply follow these easy steps to achieve the protection you desire:

  1. Launch a new backup job wizard and specify the job name and description
  2. Select Hyper-V VMs for backup
  3. Exclude objects from backup that do not require protection
  4. Define any backup order of the VMs
  5. Specify backup storage and retention policy
  6. Set any advanced settings including guest application processing
  7. Define the schedule
What type of Hyper-V restore does Veeam provide?

Veeam Backup & Replication offers a number of Hyper-V recovery options for various scenarios:

  • Instant VM Recovery enables you to instantly start a Hyper-V VM directly from a backup file.
  • Entire VM recovery enables you to recover a Hyper-V VM from a backup file to its original or another location.
  • VM files restore enables you to recover separate Hyper-V VM files (virtual disks, configuration files and so on).
  • Guest OS File Recovery enables you to recover individual guest OS files from Windows, Linux, Mac and other guest OS file systems.

Veeam Backup & Replication uses the same image-level backup for all data recovery operations. You can restore VMs, VM files and individual guest OS files to the most recent state or to any available restore point.

What type of Hyper-V replication does Veeam provide?

In addition to VM backups, you can create VM replicas with Veeam Backup & Replication. When you replicate a VM, Veeam Backup & Replication creates an exact copy of the VM in the native Microsoft Hyper-V format on a spare host and maintains this copy in sync with the original VM.

Replication provides the best recovery time objective (RTO) values, as you actually have a copy of your VM in a ready-to-start state. That is why replication is commonly recommended for the most critical VMs that need minimum RTOs. Veeam Backup & Replication lets you perform on-site replication for High Availability (HA) scenarios and remote (off-site) replication for disaster recovery (DR) scenarios. To facilitate replication over the WAN or slow connections, Veeam Backup & Replication optimizes traffic transmission. It filters out unnecessary data blocks such as duplicate data blocks, zero data blocks, blocks of swap files and blocks of excluded VM guest OS files, and compresses replica traffic. Veeam Backup & Replication also allows you to use WAN accelerators and apply network throttling rules to prevent replication jobs from consuming the entire network bandwidth.

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