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NEW Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5

Part of Veeam Availability Suite

#1 Hyper-V backup & Availability

Availability for Windows Server with Microsoft Hyper-V
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Veeam® Backup & Replication™ delivers Availability for ALL virtual, physical and cloud-based workloads, including fast, reliable Microsoft Hyper-V backup, recovery and replication for virtualized environments running on Windows Server (including Windows Server 1803).

What makes Veeam the  #1 Hyper-V backup and disaster recovery solution isn’t just its ability to back up your Hyper-V environment. It’s Veeam’s fast, flexible and feature-rich restore functionality. Veeam restores give you the ability to recover exactly what you need, when you need it. Restore entire Hyper-V VMs in minutes and recover individual files or application items residing inside a Hyper-V backup with a simple search and restore.

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Microsoft Hyper-V backup at its best

Powerful backup technology for crushing your Hyper-V backup windows

Veeam’s 2-in-1: backup and replication™ solution leverages Hyper-V snapshot capabilities to create image-based backups and replicas of Hyper-V VMs.

Backing up Hyper-V virtual machines with Veeam’s backup software is always safe and reliable because it can automatically verify every backup, every time, to ensure backup recoverability. Veeam lets Hyper-V virtualization admins and Windows IT pros copy their Hyper-V virtual machine backups and Hyper-V replicas off site up to 50x faster with built-in WAN acceleration, perform live migration for Hyper-V VMs and accomplish advanced Hyper-V backup infrastructure performance monitoring and management.

This Hyper-V backup and recovery solution meets the needs of backup administrators responsible for Microsoft Hyper-V environments by providing true incremental virtual machine backup, affordable, image-based Hyper-V replication and lightning-fast Hyper-V recovery. Hyper-V backup and replication is 
20x faster with Veeam-provided changed block tracking (CBT) technology that’s specifically tailored for Microsoft Hyper-V environments. Enhanced built-in deduplication helps businesses of all sizes save BIG on storage. Some SMBs (small-to-medium-sized businesses) have experienced savings of up to 75%!

Feature-rich Hyper-V backup functionality

Flexible storage integrations, all-in-one Hyper-V replication and MORE
Veeam’s Hyper-V backup solution also supports deduplicating storage systems, including appliances such as Dell EMC Data Domain, HPE StoreOnce Catalyst and ExaGrid. Leveraging the combination of storage-based and hypervisor-based snapshots, Veeam allows for dramatically faster Hyper-V backup and restore. Being storage-agnostic, Veeam’s Hyper-V backup and replication software offers a number of options to store Hyper-V VM backup files to tape, disk or in the cloud. Veeam Backup & Replication also provides end-to-end encryption (AES 256-bit) for keeping backup data secure and includes advanced Hyper-V replication capabilities, including replication from backup files, 1-click site failover and planned failover for faster data-center migrations.

NEW Support for Veeam Agents

By installing a workstation or server license for Veeam Agents for Microsoft Windows and Linux, you can unlock additional functionality for backups created by Veeam Agents, including:

  • Backup repository management
  • Backup copy jobs
  • File to tape jobs
  • Full application item recovery capabilities through Veeam Explorers™
  • And more!

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NEW Cloud restore for ANY Veeam backup

Veeam Restore to Microsoft Azure (part of Veeam Recovery to Microsoft Azure) delivers cloud restore for Veeam backups to optimize resource allocation and minimize cost. This feature enables users to take on-premises VMware and Hyper-V VMs, physical servers and endpoints, and restore or migrate them to the cloud using an automated P2V or V2V conversion process.

Veeam Restore to Microsoft Azure works closely with Veeam PN for Microsoft Azure, a standalone free solution, to help simplify and automate the development of DR sites in the cloud, delivering Veeam Recovery to Microsoft Azure.

Fast, flexible recovery from a powerful, easy-to-use Hyper-V backup

Restore in minutes and seconds, not hours or days

Veeam Backup & Replication has dozens of Hyper-V recovery options, from entire Hyper-V VM recovery to performing application-item recovery from Windows Server Hyper-V backups of Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server, and even Oracle databases via Veeam Explorers.

Veeam Backup & Replication also streamlines recovery allowing you to restore a failed VM in less than two minutes directly from the compressed and deduplicated Hyper-V backup. With several recovery options available, you can handle virtually any recovery scenario from a single Hyper-V backup tool.

Hyper-V support

For detailed information on system requirements, review the complete list of Veeam Backup & Replication supported environments.