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Modernizing backup

When you modernize production, you must modernize protection

Each time you invest in new production platforms and applications, ask yourself, “How are we going to back that up?”

Nothing slows down new production deployments more than discovering your production upgrade is moving you from well-protected to unprotected (or unrecoverable):

  • When you embrace converged or hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), legacy virtualization backups are inadequate
  • When you modernize your storage platforms, having separate mechanisms for backups vs. snapshots vs. replication won’t work
  • When you move from on-premises Exchange servers to Office 365 servers, most back-up solutions cannot follow

You can’t meet your SLAs if you rely on legacy backup mechanisms

Modern SLAs require the unified power of backups, snapshots, replicas and systems monitoring
Modern SLAs (Service level Agreements) are usually measured in minutes, while traditional restore capabilities are delivered in hours or days.
To meet Availability requirements, modern enterprises of all sizes require Modern Data Protection capabilities combined with proven enterprise experience.
  • Availability Gap
  • IT leaders need more
  • Modern SLAs need
    more than backup
  • Moving production to the cloud
    doesn’t change your requirements

Four out of five organizations have an Availability Gap, meaning that if you ask business leaders how long that they can afford to be down, and then ask IT leaders how quickly that they can recover IT systems, the organization’s needs aren’t able to be met by existing tools.

It’s not enough to focus on restoring instead of backing up. Focus on Availability as the outcome and work backwards (that’s what Veeam® does).

Only 15% of IT leaders say they are very satisfied with their teams’ ability to recover data. For the other 6 out of 7 organizations, IT leaders and IT professionals know that there must be a better way.

HINT: There IS a better way and it’s Veeam.

Organizations can’t wait for restores (sending data back to the production server) before their teams can start to recover (resume productivity).

Instead, organizations should be leveraging from an orchestrated combination of snapshots, replicas, and backups — with a common set of policies.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) is, in some ways, just like virtualization 15 years ago — needing new approaches to old problems (like backup). Meanwhile, SaaS (Software as a Service) may be natively durable, but you still need previous versions for all the same reasons that you back up on-premises physical and virtual servers.

Veeam is leading the industry in snapshot capabilities of IaaS VMs and backing up all of Office 365 (not just mailboxes), just like we led how VMs were protected in the last IT transformation.

Modernizing your recoverability starts with understanding your needs and your vulnerabilities

Technical, operational and financial stakeholders need to work together

Too often, IT professionals are thinking strictly in RTO/RPO (Recovery Time Objective/Recovery Point Objective) terms, while operations struggles with SLAs, BIAs (Business Impact Analyses) and RAs (Risk Assessments), and financial folks are just looking at TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and ROI (Return on Investment). The result is that the organization never moves off legacy backups (or makes a poor choice such as something new and presumably cheaper or simpler).

Instead, organizations should bring the technical, operational and financial stakeholders together to understand the needs of the business and limitations or aspirations of the technology, and then make the right investments based on what the organization needs. To help with that, Veeam commissioned a Dummies book that translates between the three languages of these stakeholders to help calculate the real cost of downtime.


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