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Data Recovery

Veeam’s Approach to Data Recovery

Veeam’s data recovery has something for every situation. You have instant restoration to handle anything you need, from attacks to accidental deletion, across any cloud, physical, virtual or SaaS platform. You’re always covered, from large-scale recovery to the most granular levels of data protection. And our orchestrated disaster recovery puts the tools you need before and after recovery at your fingertips so you can focus on saving time and getting back to business.

Reliably perform instant recovery with breadth and scalability, from single files to full production workloads, with an industry leader you can trust.

Recover Exactly What You Need, Where and When You Need It

Simplify Backups

Confidently backup your workloads, no matter where they live.

Instantly Recover

Quickly retrieve your data with the pioneer of instant recovery.

Save Time

Automate testing, eDiscovery and compliance at any scale.

Key Data Protection Trends


of organizations will use cloud‑powered data protection services by 2025


of organizations expect to change their primary backup solution in 2023


of IT leaders consider IaaS/SaaS workload protection as the most important for enterprise backup


of orgs say improving backup reliability will drive enterprise backup solution changes in 2023

Sources: 2023 Veeam Data Protection Report, 2023 Veeam Ransomware Trends Report

Veeam Data Recovery Advantages

Reduce Downtime
and Restore Securely

Radical cyber resilience that lets you recover your data when you need it, where you need it.

  • Recover Fast With Precision

    Perform fast point‑in‑time recovery to minimize data loss.

  • Secure Automated Orchestration

    Orchestrate recovery using malware‑free restore points for any size recovery.

  • Avoid Reinfection

    Pinpoint identified malware to prevent reinfection back into your environment.


Secure Backup and Recovery for Your Hybrid Cloud

One-Click Recovery

Effortlessly recover individual applications or entire sites from any location with just one click from the web interface.

Restore Anywhere

Recover across multiple clouds and platforms in a portable data format.

Broad Protection

Automate comprehensive backup across cloud, virtual, physical and NAS environments.

Unchangeable Backups

Lock down your backups with end-to-end immutability, integrated into your KMS to make management a breeze from creation to deletion.

Automated Testing

Conduct non-disruptive disaster recovery tests, scheduled on-demand, to make sure your desired RTOs and RPOs are achievable.

Instant Test Lab

Use your backups and replicas for patch testing without impacting production.

Integrated Incident Response

Reduce response time with a bi-directional ServiceNow incident lifecycle support, powered with 300+ unique alarms.

Dynamic Documentation

Generate and create disaster recovery documentation automatically to prove readiness and compliance.

Veeam Data Platform

Radical Resilience to Keep Your Business Running

Radical resilience can only come from having complete confidence in your protection, response and recovery. Veeam Data Platform provides the confidence you need to recover exactly what you need, where and when you need it.

Data Recovery Insights and Trends

Wp cover preview 365

Data Protection Trends Report 2024

Our 5th annual report of data protection strategies of up to 13,300 organizations between 2020-2026

Definitive Guide to Veeam

Data has become the most valuable currency in today’s economy. Protecting your data is the first step in effectively managing and maximizing its potential.

7 Best Practices for Ransomware Recovery

These best practices ensure early threat detection and fast recovery with orchestration at- scale and provide the framework required to build a secure infrastructure.

2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™

Gartner® positioned Veeam highest for Ability to Execute for the 4th consecutive time and a Leader for the 7th time!


What makes Veeam’s data recovery solution unique?
Veeam's data recovery solution is designed for rapid restoration, ensuring minimal downtime. Leveraging advanced algorithms, it provides granular recovery options, intuitive UI, and a reliability that businesses can trust.
How fast can I recover my data with Veeam Data Recovery?
Veeam's Data Recovery boasts industry-leading restoration speeds. Depending on the data size and system configuration, most users can initiate and complete recovery processes in a matter of minutes, ensuring business continuity.
Does Veeam Data Recovery support both physical and virtual environments?
Yes, Veeam Data Recovery is built to support a wide range of environments, including both physical servers and virtual infrastructures. This ensures comprehensive coverage for diverse IT landscapes.
How does Veeam Data Recovery ensure data integrity during the recovery process?
Veeam employs checksum validations, advanced algorithms, and verification processes to ensure that the data recovered is consistent, unaltered, and free of corruption, delivering peace of mind to users.
Can I recover individual files or do I have to restore the entire backup?
Veeam's granular recovery options allow users to restore individual files, folders, or entire systems, giving them the flexibility to address specific needs without unnecessary data restoration.
How does Veeam Data Recovery complement Veeam's data security solutions?
Veeam Data Recovery works hand-in-hand with Veeam's data security suite. While the security solutions protect data from threats, the recovery tool ensures that, in the event of data loss or corruption, businesses can quickly restore their vital information.
Is Veeam Data Recovery compatible with multi-cloud backup solutions?
Yes, Veeam Data Recovery seamlessly integrates with multi-cloud backup solutions, ensuring that data, irrespective of where it's stored - on-premises, private, or public clouds - can be efficiently recovered.
How does Veeam handle large-scale data recovery operations?
Veeam Data Recovery is built for scalability. Whether it's a single file or an entire database, the system is equipped to handle large-scale recovery operations without compromising on speed or reliability.
Are there training resources available for Veeam Data Recovery?
Absolutely. Veeam offers comprehensive documentation, video tutorials, webinars, and customer support to ensure users can make the most out of their data recovery solution.

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