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Try Veeam Kasten for free using the free Veeam Kasten version or the Enterprise trial. The full Enterprise Edition is available through multiple procurement channels: Direct, partner, or marketplace (e.g., Red Hat, AWS, SUSE).

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Flexible Options: Free, Enterprise Trial, or Full Edition

Buy the full Enterprise Edition directly from Veeam,
from our partners, or on a marketplace (e.g., Red Hat, AWS, SUSE)

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*Veeam Kasten Free Edition: Can be converted to an Enterprise Edition license by entering into a subscription arrangement.

** Enterprise Trial Edition: Enterprise Evaluation License can be converted to an Enterprise edition license by entering into a subscription arrangement.

Veeam Kasten

#1 Kubernetes Data Protection and Mobility

Trusted by the world’s largest organizations, Veeam Kasten delivers secure, Kubernetes-native protection and application mobility for the most complete set of distributions and platforms at enterprise scale. Proven to recover entire applications quickly and reliably, Veeam Kasten gives operations and app teams the confidence to withstand the unexpected and deliver faster without complex scripting, unsupported tools, and legacy solutions.

How to buy

Purchasing Veeam Kasten Enterprise Edition

Buy the Veeam Kasten Enterprise Edition directly from Veeam, through our channel partners or download it from a marketplace.

Purchase Veeam Kasten Directly From Veeam

To obtain a license key for Veeam Kasten Enterprise Edition and install it on your infrastructure or in any cloud, please contact us directly.

Purchase Veeam Kasten From a Reseller

Get flexible licensing options to fit any budget and leverage the Kubernetes expertise from our partner network. Buy from a Veeam-authorized reseller near you.

Download From a Marketplace

Install and deploy Veeam Kasten in just a few clicks directly from the marketplace of our strategic partners.


What is Veeam Kasten? 
Veeam Kasten provides Kubernetes native data protection. It enables seamless BUR, DR, and application mobility for Kubernetes applications at scale. With Veeam Kasten, teams achieve radical resilience against ransomware attacks.
What are the pricing options?
There are three pricing options - Veeam Kasten Free (up to five nodes forever), Veeam Kasten Enterprise Trial (500 nodes free for one month) and Veeam Kasten Enterprise Edition (contact our sales team for simple, node-based pricing). 
How can I purchase Veeam Kasten Enterprise Edition?
The full Enterprise Edition is available through multiple procurement channels: direct, partner or marketplaces (e.g., Red Hat, AWS, SUSE). Contact our sales team for full details.
What is the benefit of multi-cluster licensing?
This is an upgrade for MSPs that manage multiple customer Kubernetes deployments, making it easier to serve multiple license agreements from the same user interface.

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