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  • Recover entire applications
  • Ensure security and resilience
  • Application mobility across platforms

Leading Kubernetes Data Protection and Mobility

Trusted by the world’s largest organizations, Veeam Kasten delivers secure, Kubernetes-native protection and application mobility for the most complete set of distributions and platforms at enterprise scale. We give operations and app teams the confidence to withstand the unexpected and deliver faster, all without complex scripting, unsupported tools, and legacy solutions. 

Recover Entire Applications

Rapidly recover entire applications – including underlying data and configuration – with confidence and ease.

Ensure Security and Resilience

Securely operate with built-in protection against cyberthreats with immutable, encrypted backups and self-service restores.

Application Mobility Across Platforms

Easily enable hybrid and multi-cloud environments with seamless application mobility across different infrastructures and distributions.

Hybrid Cloud is the New Standard for Kubernetes  

of companies plan to increase the number of current cloud providers.
agree their business requires a mix of cloud and on-premises resources.
agree that a hybrid and/or multi-cloud strategy directly drives business results.
Why Back Up Kubernetes

Efficiently Scale Cloud-Native Data Protection

As Kubernetes adoption continues to accelerate in the cloud-native era, most organizations are questioning the need to protect their stateful and stateless Kubernetes applications. To keep business running, robust protection and recovery of the entire application – not just the data service – must be addressed at Day 0 to overcome misconfigurations, outages, and security threats that compromise availability. 

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Explore Veeam Kasten for Kubernetes

Policy Automation

Efficiently manage entire application protection – including data inside and outside the cluster – at enterprise scale.

Granular Restore

Maintain total control over what artifacts and data to restore, including data-only restore for running applications.

Automated DR

Recreate entire application stacks into the same namespace, or a new one automatically.

Immutable & Encrypted

Safeguard data against ransomware and other threats by placing backups in an encrypted and WORM state.

Least Privilege Access

Granularly assign permissions to data protection operations and resources on a per-application level.

SIEM Integrations

Ingest and aggregate SIEM data for governance and real-time threat detection, investigation, and analysis.

Cross-Cloud Portability

Mobilize applications across namespaces, clusters, and clouds for DR, test/dev, and performance testing.

Transform Across Distributions

Easily modify the specific contents of K8s resources when restoring or migrating across environments.

VMs on Kubernetes

Migrate, modernize, and manage VMs on Kubernetes without refactoring the entire application.

Latest Release

Veeam Kasten for Kubernetes V7.0

  • Ransomware protection for Azure
  • New OpenShift integrations
  • Recovery-focused enhancements
How it Works

Kubernetes Data Protection Made Easy

Constructed with cloud-native architectural principles, Veeam Kasten is purpose-built for Kubernetes. With Veeam Kasten, you can capture the entire application stack by taking a consistent application-to-infrastructure view.

In this short interactive demo, we’re going to look at Veeam Kasten for Kubernetes.

Veeam Kasten is an easy‑to‑use, scalable and secure system for Kubernetes‑native backup, disaster recovery, application mobility and ransomware protection.

Note: this is just a demo environment, so no actual operations are performed. At the end of this short demo, we will provide links where you can download Veeam Kasten Free, request a scale demo, or explore purchase options.

Cloud-Native Ecosystem

Data Protection & Management Solutions

Veeam Kasten

Kubernetes Data Protection Platform


  • Amazon RDS

  • Cassandra

  • MongoDB

  • SQL Server

  • PostgreSQL

  • MySQL

  • K8ssandra

  • Elasticsearch

  • EDB

  • Kanister

  • Kafka


  • Amazon EKS

  • EKS-Anywhere

  • AKS

  • GKE

  • Digital Ocean

  • HPE Ezmeral

  • Kubernetes

  • K3S

  • NKE

  • Mirantis

  • OKE

  • Openshift

  • SUSE Rancher

  • VMware Tanzu


  • Amazon EBS

  • ADS

  • Amazon S3

  • Ceph

  • CSI

  • Cisco

  • GCS

  • Dell Technologies

  • HPE

  • Infinidat

  • MinIO

  • Hitachi

  • OCI

  • Lenovo

  • Zadara

  • Net App

  • Pure Storage

  • Vast

  • Azure


  • Kyverno

  • OPA

  • Red Hat

  • Vault

  • AWS

Packaging Options

Buying Veeam Kasten for Kubernetes

Veeam Kasten pricing is simple and node-based.

Try Veeam Kasten using the Veeam Kasten Free version or the Enterprise Trial.

The full Enterprise Edition is available through multiple procurement channels: direct, partner, or marketplace (e.g., AWS, Azure, Red Hat, SUSE).

Veeam Kasten Free
  • Up to five nodes
Enterprise Trial
  • Up to 500 nodes for one month
  • One/three/five-year subscription
  • 24.7.365 support
  • No nodes limit

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What is Veeam Kasten for Kubernetes?
Veeam Kasten is a data protection platform that was purpose-built for Kubernetes. It provides enterprise operations teams with an easy-to-use, scalable, and secure system for backup and  restore, disaster recovery,  application mobility, and radical resilience against ransomware attacks. 
What storage does Veeam Kasten require? 
Veeam Kasten supports file, block and object storage both on-premises or in the cloud. Veeam Kasten interfaces with storage via Container-Storage Interface (CSI) as well as direct storage integrations for efficiency. 
What happened to Kasten K10?  Was it replaced?
Veeam Kasten for Kubernetes is the same leading Kubernetes data protection and mobility solution as Kasten K10 with a new name. 
Which Kubernetes services and distributions does Veeam Kasten support?
Veeam Kasten features pre-qualified integrations with leading data sources, including relational and NoSQL systems and with upstream Kubernetes as well as leading managed distributions (e.g., Amazon EKS, Red Hat OpenShift, VMware Tanzu) across public clouds and on-premises locations.
How difficult is it to install Veeam Kasten?
Veeam Kasten runs on your Kubernetes cluster in its own namespace. This installation uses a single helm command. Veeam Kasten also supports marketplace integrations with major Kubernetes distributions that reduce installation and billing to a simple click of a button. For private networks and sites, air-gapped installation is supported. 
Which interfaces does Veeam Kasten support?
Veeam Kasten features a state-of-the-art CLI, an intuitive GUI and a cloud-native API. The graphical dashboard not only gives you an overview of the compliance status of your applications across clusters, but also lets you easily control your data management functions. The capabilities and functions available are based on the login credentials, and there is an easy way to switch between using the graphical interface and kubectl with reusable CLI breadcrumbs. Plus, of course, there is support for dark mode too. 
What security does Veeam Kasten provide?
Veeam Kasten supports multiple user authentication mechanisms, including OIDC, Token, etc. Veeam Kasten also provides fine-grained RBAC so that the right users can exercise the appropriate actions and support multi-tenant environments. Backed-up data is encrypted both at rest and in motion while giving you the ability to bring your own encryption keys. Veeam Kasten protects against ransomware attacks while it runs with a minimal footprint on your cluster, and you can assign fine-tuned access control permissions to Veeam Kasten itself. 
How does Veeam Kasten’s Automatic Application Discovery work? 
Veeam Kasten is natively integrated into Kubernetes to automatically discover all your application components that run on your cluster and treat the application as the unit of atomicity. The application includes the state that spans across storage volumes and databases (NoSQL/relational), as well as configuration data that’s included in Kubernetes objects, including configmaps and secrets. 
Does Veeam Kasten support multi-cluster management? 
Veeam Kasten’s multi-cluster dashboard provides an easy way to get the aggregate and real-time status of critical parameters, including the total number of clusters, policies, applications, etc. Additionally, you can define global policies and selectively apply them to your cluster groups to simplify the management of your backups at-scale through automation. 

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