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Secure Cloud Storage Made Easy

  • Pre-configured and fully managed
  • Secure, Zero Trust storage out-of-the-box
  • Predictable, all-inclusive pricing

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We Make it Easy

Veeam delivers Veeam Data Cloud Vault, a fully managed, secure cloud storage resource on Azure that eliminates the headaches of managing infrastructure and unpredictable cloud cost models. Just let us know how much you need, and we’ll handle the rest.


Safeguard your data on Zero Trust storage that’s always immutable and logically air-gapped from production.


Access and use on-demand, fully managed Azure storage with zero config, management, or integration complexities.


Eliminate bill shock with flat fee per TB pricing that meets your needs now and tomorrow, inclusive of API calls, restore, and egress charges.

Backups Need a Resilient, Secure Place to Land

93 percent of ransomware attacks explicitly target backups
of ransomware attacks explicitly target backups
82 percent of organizations use immutable cloud storage
of organizations use immutable cloud storage
61 percent of organizations use cloud storage in addition to disk-based backup
of organizations use cloud storage in addition to disk-based backup

Secure Storage Matters

As cyberthreats continue to increase – especially against backup data – the need to appropriately secure backup data is paramount. Storage as a Service (STaaS) architected to strict, Zero Trust security standards ensures backup data is resilient against cyberthreats, while eliminating the challenges of management and unpredictable pricing.
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Simplify the 3-2-1-1-0 Rule

Veeam Vault is purpose-built to receive your Veeam Data Platform backups and make achieving the 3-2-1-1-0 rule easy. That’s three copies of data, two different types of media, one copy offsite, one copy offline or immutable, and zero recovery errors.


Immediately available via the Azure Marketplace, ready to receive your Veeam Data Platform backups.

Fully Managed

Removes ongoing maintenance with zero configuration, management, or integration efforts.


Synchronously copied three times within your selected primary region for 11 nines of durability.


Logically air-gapped from your production data and with secure access control.

Always Immutable

Always placed in a write-one read-many state to stop bad actors from encrypting, deleting, or modifying your backups.


You alone hold the keys for AES 256-bit encrypted backup data in-flight and at-rest.

Predictable Pricing

Inclusive of storage, write and read API calls, and egress fees to eliminate bill shock.

Fast Recovery

Built exclusively on Azure Blob Hot tier for the highest backup and recovery performance.

How to Get Started

Get Started With Veeam Vault in Just Three Steps

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Subscribe on Azure Marketplace
Subscribe to Veeam Vault on Azure Marketplace and let us know how many terabyte (TB) blocks you need. Don’t worry – you can always add more in the future.
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Input Your
Log in to the Veeam Vault web UI, input your company information and the Azure region you require, and get your storage credentials.
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Veeam Data
Input your credentials into the Veeam Data Platform backup repository wizard and start targeting your new storage immediately.

One Flat Fee Per TB

Say “so long” to bill shock with a single fee, based on the region you will be storing data — includes storage, write/read APIs, and egress. Veeam Vault makes forecasting your storage spend simple, highly predictable, and can easily scale your storage requirements in the future.

$60 USD

per TB/month


$74 USD

per TB/month


$62 USD

per TB/month


$85 USD

per TB/month


What storage does Veeam Vault use?
Veeam Vault utilizes Microsoft Azure Blob Hot LRS storage.
What backups can I write to Veeam Vault?
Veeam Vault is suitable for daily backups created by Veeam Data Platform and does not currently support other products within the Veeam portfolio.
Is Veeam Vault suitable for direct-to-object storage backups?
Veeam Vault can be utilized for direct-to-object storage backups, as well as backups being copied or tiered from other storage as part of Veeam’s Scale-Out Backup Repository functionality.
Are my backups immutable?
Yes. All backups within Veeam Vault are immutable by default, and immutability cannot be turned off.
Are my backups encrypted?
Yes. Veeam backups are encrypted in-flight and at-rest using AES 256-bit encryption, enabled by you in Veeam Data Platform.
Does Veeam have access to data within my backups?
No. You hold the cryptographic keys to decrypt encrypted backup data. Only people you share those keys with will have access to read data stored within backups in Veeam Vault.
What’s included with Veeam Vault?
Veeam Vault is billed annually upfront on a per TB basis. It includes the storage capacity requested at time of purchase, as well as the necessary API call fees for writing backups in an immutable format, reads and egress within fair use.
What if I need more storage?
You can scale your Veeam Vault storage requirements at any time, charged at the original rate per TB/month. 
How are overages charged?
Any usage beyond your storage capacity requested and/or reads and egress above Veeam’s fair use policy will be billed in arrears via Azure Marketplace. Storage overages are charged per TB, while reads and egress are charged per –100 GB above fair use.

Radical Resilience is Our Difference

With Veeam by your side, you have the flexibility to choose the right
option for your data protection and ransomware recovery strategy.

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