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The Veeam ProPartner Program is designed to help you create new opportunities to grow your business quicker and make it more profitable. As a partner, your company gains exclusive access to resources that will drive both license and service business, create new opportunities, increase profitability and close deals faster.

A comprehensive Veeam ProPartner Program provides your company with the tools you need to become a trusted advisor to customers and gain a long-term competitive advantage in your VMware & Hyper-V virtualization practice.

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#1 Grow your bottom line

Generate even more money with aggressive ProPartner offerings.

  • Deal registration
  • Opportunity distribution
  • Partner incentives
  • Special promotions

#2 Sales and marketing tools

Support your growing Veeam sales easily with an extensive marketing kit.

  • Automatic marketing campaigns
  • Product materials and competitive info
  • Large case study library
  • Worldwide industry events

#3 Training and accreditation

Get recognized for your Veeam competency.

  • Online Veeam University
  • Sales and technical certifications
  • Live and recorded webinars
  • On-site training by Veeam Experts

#4 Greater rewards for committed partners

Veeam ProPartner Program rewards partners who invest in Veeam.

  • Three levels of partnership
  • Inclusion to Resellers Finder at
  • Increased incentives for committed partners
  • Accrued Co-op/MDF

#5 Sales, marketing and technical support

You get the support you need to increase and speed up your Veeam sales—guaranteed!

  • Multi-language sales team
  • Highly-professional system engineers
  • Experienced marketing team
  • 24x7 technical support

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