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Availability in a flash

Now, more than ever, as customers modernize their infrastructures, they cannot afford rigid inflexible systems that put their applications and data at risk. Integrated solutions from Veeam® and Pure Storage help customers meet the needs of today’s application and data-driven world by delivering on-premises, cloudlike capabilities with superior data protection and business continuity. Together, Veeam and Pure Storage give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your mission-critical workloads will be available and perform the way you need.

Enterprise data protection solutions from Pure Storage and Veeam

Cloudlike capabilities

Agility and scalability with flash to flash, to cloud data protection and multi-cloud support. Easily deliver on-demand, elastic services to every user and application.

Fast and reliable backup and replication

Superior backup & replication with data & application recovery at all-flash speeds. Supports a wide range of environments, so data is available when, where & how it is needed.

Enterprise readiness

Reliable future-proof data protection that reduces risk, keeps data protected and actively works, no matter where it resides — physical, SaaS or the public or private cloud.

All-flash availability

  • FlashArray and FlashStack
  • FlashBlade

Pure Storage FlashArray and FlashStack

To deliver even more value to customers, Pure Storage FlashArray supports snapshot integration with Veeam Availability Suite™, providing superior backup performance, more rapid recoveries and easy access to production data copies for development and compliance testing. With Veeam Backup from Storage Snapshots, customers can:

  • Lower the impact on their production environment
  • Back up more frequently, dramatically improving RPOs
  • Achieve more efficient recoveries for individual items or entire VMs
  • Have easier access to production data copies with an on-demand test environment using copies of production workloads

Pure Storage snapshot support requires a free plug-in for Veeam Backup & Replication™.

Pure Storage FlashBlade

Veeam, with Pure Storage’s all flash, scale-out storage, FlashBlade, provides rapid flash-based restores and advanced capabilities. It quickly restores service to users by starting a VM directly from a backup file on FlashBlade, while restoring the VM to production in the background.

Synchronize backup copy jobs from the FlashBlade source backup to the FlashBlade secondary backup for increased fault tolerance. Perform an integrity check of the backup data to verify the data is recoverable on both FlashBlade backups. In addition, with Veeam DataLabs™, customers can use Pure Storage snapshots to create an isolated, on-demand test environment to leverage copies of a production workload for testing and development, analytics and security to drive business change.

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