Pure Storage FlashArray + Veeam

Veeam Availability for Pure Storage FlashArray

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Pure Storage FlashArray provides fast and reliable block storage for your production data, plus local snapshots for rapid restore. To prevent data loss on your primary FlashArray, Veeam offers built-in features like backup copy jobs (with optional WAN acceleration) to automate the movement of backup copies to a repository of your choice, the cloud or a secondary disaster recovery (DR) site for long-term archival.
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Evergreen performance and Always-On Availability

Pure Storage all-flash platforms provide IT organizations an effortless, efficient and evergreen way to consolidate applicaton workloads across enterprise data center environments while enhancing performance, scalability and agility. Veeam Availability Suite™ compliments Pure Storage solutions by further simplifying IT operational management, ensuring application Availability and mitigating business risk.

The combination of Pure Storage and Veeam enables organizations to maintain consistent application performance levels and meet the increasing demand for 24.7.365 Always-On™ Availability for VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and physical server workloads. Some key benefits include:

  • Data Loss Avoidance — RTPO of < 15 minutes for ALL applications and data with streamlined backup and DR
  • Enterprise Readiness — Easily scale out capacity and performance across Pure Storage and Veeam resources
  • Complete Visibility — Predictive performance and Availabilty management through the Pure1 Platform and Veeam ONE™ monitoring 

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