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Speaker: Jason Kan
Duration: 59:43

In today’s data center, you'll need to recover a single database far more often than you'll need to recover all of SQL Server but yet your backup and recovery strategy focuses on recovering the enterprise, not the daily recovery needs of that enterprise.

Join Jason Kan from Veeam® for a discussion about the hype and reality of recovering your SQL databases at a granular level. Watch this interactive, demo-filled webinar to learn about tools vs. backups, where virtualization fits in and how to successfully protect your SQL environment at an enterprise and granular level.

Learn more about:

  • Database and logfile protection
  • Multiple SQL Server restore options for every recovery scenario
  • Database recovery models
  • And more!
Speaker: Rob Emsley , Phil Goodwin
Duration: 45:47

Mission-critical application Availability is imperative for organizations in this new age of IT. Requirements for 24/7 access to applications and data and ever faster service level agreements (SLAs) for recovery point and time objectives (RPOs and RTOs) make choosing the right virtualization solution more critical.

A recent IDC research study concluded that application downtime costs exceeding $100,000 per hour is the median, although that cost can run substantially higher for some businesses. Can your business tolerate potential data/money/time loss, or is it time to invest in a better Availability solution?

Join Veeam Director of Alliance Product Marketing Rob Emsley and Phil Goodwin, Research Director at IDC as they discuss the results of IDC’s recent independent survey of more than 1,200 customers who:

  • See Veeam as a significant driver of increased virtualization
  • Use Veeam to exceed industry SLAs for RPOs and RTOs
  • Improve business operations and Availability when adding Veeam to their VMware environment
Speaker: Pankaj Jaiswal
Duration: 1:08:03

The 3-2-1 Rule is a timeless rule that effectively addresses every failure scenario.

This rule answers two very important questions: How many backup files should I have and where should I store them.

Every admin and manager in charge of ensuring data availability for an enterprise should live by the 3-2-1 Rule, which suggests that a business maintains three copies of data, on two different media and store one copy in a remote location.

In this session, we will identify a number of possibilities you have to guarantee availability for your data center and how following the rules will help ensure you experience zero errors during recovery.

You'll learn about:

  • The 3-2-1 Rule of data protection
  • Possible ways to comply with the 3-2-1 Rule
  • How you can avoid errors during recovery
Speaker: Jason Acord
Duration: 49:30

Providing 24.7.365 access to applications and data is key to the success of any business. However, achieving such stringent SLAs can be difficult for management and IT administrators alike.

Veeam® is furthering enterprise storage integrations with Veeam Availability Suite™ 9.5 to include advanced support for Nimble Storage alongside Hewlett Packard Enterprise, NetApp and EMC.

Join this webinar to discover how Veeam and Nimble are providing Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™, despite ever-shrinking backup windows and the demand for constant access to data with:

  • Backup from Storage Snapshots to provide low RPO protection and near-zero production environment disruption
  • Fast and efficient recoveries of individual items or entire VMs from storage snapshots
  • Virtual Lab environments for test and dev with production-fresh data
  • Speaker: Cody Cheek, Sam Penny
    Duration: 1:00:00

    Time is money! When it comes to IT, it’s crucial to be able to get your services back online in a matter of minutes after an outage. However, is it fact or fiction that every company can achieve near-continuous data protection and the best recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO)?

    Watch this webinar recording to learn more about:

    • How to get business critical applications back online within minutes after unplanned downtime
    • Granular and streamlined item-level recovery for Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Active Directory, SQL Server and Oracle
    • Lowering your RTOs with replication
    • Using Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
    Speaker: Jason Leiva, Kevin Russell

    Join our webinar to learn how to easily protect your virtual infrastructure with Veeam® and deploy ExaGrid to deliver a flexible, scalable, de-duplicated storage solution to extend backup retention times. Learn about ExaGrid’s landing zone work and adaptive deduplication features to increase your storage performance and capacity. You will learn about:

  • Near-continuous data protection and streamlined disaster recovery
  • 6x faster backups and longer retention with the integrated ExaGrid-Veeam Accelerated Data Mover technology
  • Reliable, instantaneous file and VM restores
  • And more!
  • Join Veeam® and Tegile and learn how you can enable Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™ while enjoying dramatic reductions in the cost and complexity of protecting your virtual desktop infrastructure. Together, Veeam and Tegile provide:

  • A rich end user experience with a reduced storage footprint for all types of desktops
  • Meet SLAs for RTPO™ < 15 minutes for ALL applications and data
  • Predictable and consistent user experience even during performance-intensive events
  • And more!
  • Speaker: Mike Resseler
    Duration: 1:00:00

    Server Core has never been a popular subject among IT professionals — despite the advantages it could deliver. And now, Nano is coming. Should you ignore it or should you start investigating?

    At this session we discuss advantages and potential use-cases and will show you how to start with Nano and take all of its benefits to your data center. We will dive deep into this topic and the important changes to Nano Server that came with TP5!

    This is the session you can’t miss if you want to know more about:

    • Nano Server TP5 enhancements
    • Creating and deploying Nano Server images
    • Discover all the management possibilities & packages
    • And much more!
    Speaker: Clint Wyckoff, Dave Kawula
    Duration: 1:03:11

    The many new enhancements that Microsoft has been developing for Windows Server Hyper-V 2016 are creating a lot of anticipation.

    Watch this interactive, demo-filled webinar that will provide all of the details on the largest announcements within Hyper-V 2016. Join Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP, Clint Wyckoff, as he illustrates the pieces of Hyper-V 2016!

    We’ll be demoing and discussing:

    • Azure Stack
    • PowerShell Direct
    • Nano Server
    • Windows Containers and Docker
    • How to upgrade the Environment to Server 2016
    • And more!
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