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Recorded Webinar
March 18, 2020
Speaker: Nelson Simao
Duration: 56:45

With IT workloads becoming increasingly fluid across on‑premises and cloud infrastructures, ensuring visibility of application availability can be a challenge for many organizations.

In this webinar you can learn how the Veeam® Cloud Data Management Platform, when combined with HPE’s industry leading storage, can improve recovery point and recovery time objectives across all workloads while reducing the complexity of protecting sprawling workloads.

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Recorded Webinar
March 17, 2020
Speaker: Rick Vanover
Duration: 1:02:55

Ransomware is here to stay. As much as no one likes to hear that, we have to admit that it’s no longer a question of ‘if’ but rather ‘when’ and ‘to what’ extent your business might be affected.

Rather than hope it won’t get you, let’s explore all the options that exist to prevent, locate, disarm and mitigate ransomware risks.

We’ll go over some essential strategies you can implement today and also review what a comprehensive backup software can offer you, such as:

  • Simple things to implement right away: 3‑2‑1 rule, air gapped backups and access policies
  • Ransomware myths: what really should be taken seriously?
  • What today’s backup technologies can offer: in‑flight malware check, immutable backups
  • And more!
Speaker: Danny Allan, Omer Asad
Duration: 59:58

For over 10 years, HPE and Veeam® have helped you safeguard your data to ensure it’s always on, protected and your enterprise is able to rapidly and easily recover should a situation arise — from human error to a malicious attack. Together, HPE and Veeam have been trusted to help you protect your data everywhere, rapidly recover data in minutes, ensure business resilience, reduce risk and decrease resource constraints.

With the announcement of VAS V10, we have further enhanced our joint data protection offerings. Listen to Danny Allen, Veeam CTO, and Omer Asad, HPE VP & GM Primary and Secondary Storage, discuss NEW HPE + Veeam integrations and associated customer benefits.

NEW HPE + Veeam solutions:

  • HPE Primera Snapshot integration
  • Expanded HPE StoreOnce Catalyst support
  • HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Copy support
Speaker: Sander Berkouwer, Andrey Zhelezko
Duration: 1:03:15

Microsoft Active Directory is the basis for every Microsoft‑oriented networking environment. However, it’s not always a solid basis.

With thousands of network environments under their belts, Sander Berkouwer (Microsoft MVP) and Veeam’s® Andrey Zhelezko know their Active Directory.

Join this webinar to benefit from their best practices, including:

  • Protecting and (automatically) expiring passwords
  • Leveraging the Protected Users group and other protections
  • Using the Active Directory Recycle Bin
  • Putting Veeam Backup & Replication™ to good use

You’ll know about the nitty gritty details of the new security features in the past years for Active Directory, the exact line where the Active Directory Recycle Bin stops and how Veeam provides better backups and restores.

Recorded Webinar
February 25, 2020
Speaker: Rick Vanover
Duration: 48:53

Organizations think of backup as a responsibility for data. While that is true, there is so much more to this responsibility today. This comes from the risks of ransomware, the impact of downtime and the opportunity to do more with the data. Join backup expert Rick Vanover for a varietal tour of technical tips, as well as decision maker strategies, to go beyond just backup in 2020.

Topics covered include increasing performance of backups and recoveries, storing data in multiple places to reduce risk, putting finer touches on backup processes (such as orchestration and automation) and having the monitoring and analytics to manage for tomorrow.

Key takeaways of this webinar:

  • How backup has changed over the years
  • What capabilities exist now
  • How Veeam® can help you go beyond backup in 2020
Recorded Webinar
February 13, 2020
Speaker: Sam Nicholls, David Hill

Despite AWS providing a secure and reliable platform for your workloads, it’s still your data and it’s your responsibility to protect and secure it.

NEW Veeam Backup for AWS delivers AWS backup that’s cost‑effective, secure, and integrated with the world’s #1 Backup and Recovery solution. Join our webinar to discover how to start protecting your AWS data today so you can overcome ANY cloud data loss scenario, including:

  • AWS‑native design to back up your workloads quickly and easily
  • Cost‑effective options to optimize your AWS spending
  • Secure configurations and authentication to keep your data safe
  • And more!
Recorded Webinar
February 04, 2020
Speaker: Patrick Murray
Duration: 1:01:08

Join us for a webinar discussing business continuity and disaster recovery in Hyper‑V environments from a general perspective.

More specifically, we’ll cover:

  • Trends and common backup pitfalls to avoid
  • Different types and methods of Hyper‑V replication
  • How to keep your backups secure
  • And more!
Recorded Webinar
January 30, 2020
Speaker: Alex Fraser
Duration: 40:22

Disaster isn’t just an IT problem anymore. With the entire business dependent on 24/7 access to IT services, even a small outage can reach far and wide, wreaking havoc on anything in its path. To combat this, organizations must develop and deliver a foolproof disaster recovery (DR) plan that aligns both business and technological requirements and outcomes in order to mitigate risk and minimize impact. However, doing this is seldom straightforward.

Join this session to learn about the five biggest challenges DR experts hear every day and get tips, tricks and advice on how to overcome them to ensure that your DR plan is fit and ready to go, no matter what the world throws at it.

Speaker: Rob Turk
Duration: 46:52

In this session an attendee will discover how they can leverage the public cloud object storage platforms to extend their backup capacity and more. With Veeam Cloud Tier a scale out backup repository can now be configured to meet compliance with industry regulations, while implementing the critical best practice 3‑2‑1 rule.

Come learn more about how Veeam Cloud Tier and Object Storage are changing backup storage for ever.

We will cover how to:

  • Leverage the lower cost, simplicity and elasticity of object storage, including Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, IBM Cloud Object Storage, S3‑compatible service providers or on‑premises storage offerings.
  • Store data in the cloud without any double charges unlike with other backup providers who impose a “cloud tax” on top of the cloud provider’s storage cost.
  • Avoid vendor lock‑in associated with secondary storage appliances.
Recorded Webinar
December 17, 2019
Speaker: Paul Parkin

What does it take to back up a virtual MySQL/PostgreSQL server? Have you ever asked yourself how to ensure database transactional consistency? There’s no new trick to this question. Instead, Veeam® solutions would be handy. Join this webinar to learn more about protecting your Linux‑based workloads and DBs.

We will cover:

  • Hot and cold backup methods
  • Veeam Agent for Linux 4.0 features
  • Veeam Enterprise plugins
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