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Speaker: Russell Nolan
Duration: 21:46

The first part of our 15 min webinar series will focus on various possible levels of granular recovery with Veeam technologies.

Join the webinar and learn how to:

  • Restore single emails from backup
  • Restore your calendar appointments if they were mishandled
  • Quickly restore your Group Policy Objects (GPOs) after any undocumented changes
  • Recover accidentally deleted user accounts
Recorded Webinar
October 13, 2016
Speaker: Jason Buffington , Russ Kerscher
Duration: 48:30

You can't have an IT modernization discussion without talking about "the cloud." But, which cloud will you use and how will your choices affect your production and protection strategies?

Join Veeam® for an educational webinar where Jason Buffington, Principal Analyst at ESG, will discuss topics that can affect today’s Always-On Enterprise™, including:

  • The technology and business/operational considerations for cloud-powered or enhanced data protection strategies
  • The seven convergence points of data protection and cloud services
  • Whether or not cloud is, or will be, a tape killer
  • And more!

Watch this webinar to get answers for your most compelling questions!

Recorded Webinar
October 13, 2016
Speaker: Ken Juntunen, Kyle Drake, Brian Maher
Duration: 32:28

Your HPE partner now offers an integrated data Availability solution based on Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) ProLiant server platform and StoreOnce VSA software combined with a choice of Veeam Software to provide enterprise class data availability at SMB price.

This solution can be purchased for either a stand-alone data availability solution for the SMB, or a Remote Office/Back Office (ROBO) solution for the midsize or enterprise environments. The Veeam Availability Solution for HPE StoreOnce delivers far more than just the standard backup appliance, and is available for order now.

Watch this Veeam and HPEs joint webinar and learn more about the Veeam Availability Solution for HPE’s StoreOnce:

  • How this solution can solve your data availability for SMB & ROBO environments
  • Options for expanding your data availability solution
  • Overall benefits to you
  • And much more!
Recorded Webinar
October 12, 2016
Speaker: Clint Wyckoff
Duration: 45:51

Did you miss Microsoft Ignite 2016 in Atlanta? Are you curious about the major announcements from Veeam® and Microsoft? If so, join Clint Wyckoff, Technical Evangelist and Microsoft MVP, for an offline recap of this major Microsoft event. We will review all of the major Microsoft announcements as well as the Veeam sessions.

The key takeaways from this webinar will include:

  • The BIG announcements from Microsoft that you missed
  • Overview of Chris Henley’s session: Ensure hybrid cloud high Availability with Veeam and Microsoft Azure
  • Overview of Anton Gostev’s session: Discover five reasons to store your backups on ReFS 3.0 and Storage Spaces
  • And more!
Recorded Webinar
October 06, 2016
Speaker: Neal Condon
Duration: 53:20

Were you able to attend VMworld 2016 in Las Vegas? If so, did you catch all of the critical news? It was easy to miss important takeaways from this critical event, so we are hosting a webinar to get you up to speed on all that happened at VMworld US 2016. Join Neal Condon from Veeam® for a rundown of critical updates from Veeam, VMware and key partners of the virtualization ecosystem.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn about Veeam’s latest announcements and new features
  • Revisit key VMware announcements and new features
  • Discover interesting activities and announcements from other VMware ecosystem partners
  • And more!
Recorded Webinar
September 20, 2016
Speaker: Rasmus Haslund, Dave Kawula
Duration: 1:00:00

Veeam® Backup & Replication™ is a powerful, easy-to-use and affordable backup and Availability solution. But how you can make your work more effectively and unleash the full power of your disaster recovery solution to deliver Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™? It doesn’t matter if you’ve been running Veeam Backup & Replication for a long time or just started, this session is for you!

Watch this webinar with Veeam IT Guru Rasmus Haslund along with VMware and Microsoft community experts to learn about:

  • How to use all your CPU power
  • How to schedule jobs in the right way
  • Other easy performance optimizations customers can achieve as they deploy new environments or upgrade their existing
  • And more!

Join us and see how much faster backups you can achieve with real examples from the field.

Recorded Webinar
September 07, 2016
Speaker: Nelson Simao, Kelvin Pine
Duration: 1:01:06

Hear from IT industry professionals, Nelson Simao and Kelvin Pine about how Veeam and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) together have teamed up to offer unique capabilities by integrating features directly with HPE primary and secondary storage.

The resulting convergence of Veeam Software with HPE 3PAR and StoreVirtual, coupled with HPE StoreOnce, provides the best data and application Availability and monitoring. With this joint collaboration, customers can take more frequent storage snapshots and utilise industry leading recovery capabilities to minimise devastating data loss and costly down time. Additionally, HPE Server, ConvergedSystem and Hyper Converged customers can take advantage of Veeam’s data Availability capabilities with all HPE hardware solutions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about how you can:

  • Gain maximum application uptime
  • Enable dramatically faster item and VM-level recoveries
  • Increase IT efficiencies
  • Bridge the Availability Gap to achieve Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™
Speaker: Truptendu Mohapatra
Duration: 1:08:37

In this live webinar, Veeam® Systems Engineer Truptendu Mohapatra shares tips and best practices for deploying Veeam Backup & Replication™ v9 in your production environment. You’ll learn how to perform a fresh install and how to upgrade from previous editions in both VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V infrastructures.

You’ll see default and custom configurations, including:

  • Backup repository configurations on local and remote Microsoft servers, Linux servers, network-attached storage and deduplication appliances
  • Mount server selection for file-level restores and improved performance
  • And more!
Speaker: Chris Henley, Michael Anderson, Michael Boone
Duration: 17:47

Digital data is growing faster than ever, and that exponential growth can present major challenges for an organization. Customers, partners, suppliers and employees are all connected, and everyone demands access to information anytime, anywhere and from any device. The PGA Tour Superstore is no different – it has all of the major challenges of a big box retailer and an e-commerce entity.

Here’s your opportunity to hear the executive perspective and learn more about:

  • The PGA Tour Superstore’s key challenges associated with growing data, using a legacy solution, working with limited IT staff and meeting compliance requirements.
  • Why demonstrating ease-of-use, delivering superior performance, flexibility and scalability and verifying data protection are just some of the parameters to consider when selecting the right solution partners for your data management and Always-On™ needs.
  • Join us as we find out how the PGA Tour Superstore uses cutting-edge technology solutions from Veeam®, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), and CompliancePoint to build custom-tailored solutions that benefit both its internal business operations and its e-commerce customers.
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