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Recorded Webinar
July 03, 2020
Speaker: Sam Nicholls, David Hill
Duration: 57:21

Veeam’s® AWS‑native backup and recovery solution just got better!

Watch this webinar with demo to learn everything you need to know to protect your Amazon EC2 instances and the newest features that make Veeam Backup for AWS more cost‑effective, more powerful and easier than ever, including:

  • Snapshot replication
  • Changed block tracking
  • Application consistency
  • A public RESTful API
  • And more!
Speaker: Rick Vanover
Duration: 45:53

Simply saying “vSphere 7 is supported” may feel like a checkbox, but the reality is A LOT rides on this being a complete statement. In this session from Veeam®, see what full vSphere 7 support looks like. Things like backup, restore, replication, transport modes, failover and more are considerations that vSphere customers should keep in mind for platform support.

Join this webinar to learn these key takeaways:

  • Overview of scenarios for migrating from older vSphere versions to vSphere 7
  • Detailed review of VMware APIs for backup and how these are consumed
  • How you can get started on your vSphere migration with backup and recovery technologies
Speaker: Rick Vanover, Travis Miller
Duration: 54:36

Being able to recover data is the fundamental reason why organizations have a backup solution. Veeam’s® Instant VM Recovery® technologies have come a long way from the Instant VM Recovery technology that revolutionized backup. Join this webinar, featuring Rick Vanover and Travis Miller from Veeam, to cover Veeam’s Instant VM Recovery techniques across the board. If you haven’t noticed, we’ve invested in this technology significantly and it has new capabilities that can solve real business problems!

Key Takeaways of this webinar:

  • Technical overview of Instant VM Recovery updates that came in Veeam Backup & Replication v10
  • Technical overview of Instant VM Recovery options for applications and files
  • Tips for Instant VM Recovery options for image‑based backups
Recorded Webinar
June 01, 2020
Speaker: Kirsten Stoner, Karinne Bessette
Duration: 59:37:00

When backing up virtual machines, one should consider applications running on the machine, how critical the machine is for business operations and how fast you can get back up running when a disaster occurs. Proper protection for critical applications and implementing off‑site solutions are essential to keeping VM data available while minimizing data loss. Every business should have a backup strategy to guarantee virtual machines are properly protected and recoverable.

Join this webinar to learn more about:

  • Factors affecting VM backups
  • Off‑site data protection strategies
  • Ensuring data is recoverable and secure
Speaker: Adam Bergh
Duration: 1:03:24

Since 2014, NetApp and Veeam® have offered solutions that provide industry leading backup and recovery across the NetApp data fabric.

A highlighted feature of the NEW Veeam Availability Suite™ v10 is the ability to integrate with NetApp’s Network Attached Storage (NAS) offerings, while delivering modern file data protection, greatly enhanced ransomware protection and expanded instant recovery options. This comprehensive suite can empower your organization with advanced capabilities and powerful tools to achieve your goals of 100% data protection with high availability and reduced downtime.

Please join our upcoming webinar to learn more about NetApp and Veeam’s v10 integrations from Veeam’s Adam Bergh, Solutions Architect, Global Alliances. In this webinar you will explore:

  • How to process PBs of unstructured data?
  • How to execute an ultra‑fast, incremental file level backup?
  • How to provide data consistency?
  • What’s coming next with NetApp and Veeam integrations
Speaker: Edwin Weijdema
Duration: 59:03

For many businesses, the path to digital transformation is not without challenges: from skills gaps to security, to data migration and performance concerns. Embracing a modern data protection solution that Cloud Data Management provides, unblocks potential challenges and delivers the results your company needs to succeed.

In this webinar we discuss how to modernize your backup by advancing from legacy systems, freeing people and resources while protecting workloads and data.

How do you protect your data and your customers’ privacy when workloads sprawl out? So let's take your Cloud Data Management to the Next level!

Duration: 57:43

Many IT departments have multiple and complex partial backup systems. Learn how a new integrated appliance can provide backup and recovery, unified IT operations and fast time to value with a full scale‑out and capable solution. See how you can change complex, fragmented backup into a reliable, quick and easy process with an integrated system that’s easy to implement.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to address the impact of common issues in point solution backups
  • How the Nutanix Mine with Veeam solution simplifies your data protection plans

In addition, get the bonus solution brief on what NEW Veeam® Backup for Nutanix AHV provides Veeam Backup & Replication™ integration with agentless backup and restore.

Speaker: Nathan Steiner
Duration: 56:29

Join 20‑year FBI veteran and cybersecurity expert, Jeff Lanza, and Veeam’s Head of ANZ Engineering, Nathan Steiner, to learn how to help your company combat the growing threat of ransomware .

In this free webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Hacker tricks and tricks
  • Why the FBI can't stop ransomware , but how you in Asia Pacific can
  • How Veeam® can help you manage risk and exposure before, during and after a ransomware attack
Recorded Webinar
May 13, 2020
Speaker: Sam Nicholls, David Hill
Duration: 1:01:42

Microsoft Azure delivers a reliable cloud computing platform for you to build, test and deploy applications without the financial burdens and time commitments of maintaining your own infrastructure. However, as referenced by the Microsoft Shared Responsibility Model, it’s still your data and it’s still your responsibility to protect it.

NEW Veeam® Backup for Microsoft Azure delivers enterprise‑ready Azure backup and recovery to cost‑effectively and securely protect your cloud data and easily overcome ANY outage in minutes! Join this webinar to learn more about how to leverage cloud backup best practices with this new solution from Veeam, including:

  • Automating Azure VM backup and flexible recovery options
  • Avoiding unexpected costs to optimize spending
  • Isolating backups from protection for improved security
  • Future‑proofing your strategy with cloud mobility
  • And more!
Speaker: Anthony Spiteri, Michael Loos
Duration: 55:27

NEW Veeam® Service Provider Console v4 makes delivering Veeam‑powered services easier than ever with NEW features and capabilities to help you scale your services, collaborate with channel partners and manage your Veeam consumption from a centralized web‑based portal.

Join us to see how you can use our FREE solution to:

  • Leverage a centralized, web‑based portal to manage your customers’ virtual, physical and cloud‑based, Veeam‑powered solutions
  • Save time with automated usage reporting on all workloads
  • Incorporate your services stack even further with NEW RESTFul APIs along with an integration with ConnectWise Automate
  • Collaborate with cloud and managed resale partners for a seamless customer experience
  • And more!
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