Availability for the Modern Data Center with Veeam & Tintri

Speaker: Jason Leiva
Published : July, 2014
Availability for the Modern Data Center with Veeam & Tintri

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Virtualization introduces new challenges that physical backup tools can’t solve because they are retrofitted to merely tolerate virtual environments. Veeam® and Tintri provide a wide range of capabilities that will help you eliminate storage bottlenecks while also ensuring that your data is easily managed and fully protected — both on and offsite. Veeam Backup & Replication™, combined with Tintri’s Application-Aware Smart Storage platform, offers the best VM protection and data management.

Watch customer testimonials on how they overcame their data center pain points with Veeam and Tintri. You’ll also learn more on:

  • Combining technologies for reliable Application-Aware backup and storage.
  • Simplifying multiple hypervisors in a virtual environment for backup, recovery, and management.
  • Increasing performance of your VMs with FlashFirst™ File Systems and Veeam Management Pack™.
  • Optimizing your data protection and flow with array-based snapshots, cloning and replication.
Duration: 1:00:25

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