Ensure High Availability for Virtual Resources

Speaker: Heather Nothstein
Published : November, 2014
Ensure High Availability for Virtual Resources

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Is your company reaping the benefits of virtualization? Although virtual resources are faster to deploy and manage than hardware, they come with significant risks. Can you say for certain that the VMs in your data center are operating at SLA-required availability levels?

"Five nines" is the gold standard for infrastructure uptime, but as virtual machine sprawl eats away at data center efficiency, IT admins are having a difficult time maintaining high availability and fast recovery for many mission-critical applications.

Watch this webinar where you'll learn how to:

  • Achieve end-to-end visibility across physical and virtual resources
  • Fine-tune recovery objectives to match SLAs and keep your business resilient
  • Reduce data loss from unplanned outages
  • Establish enterprise-class recovery tiers for the entire infrastructure
Duration: 50:20

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