Get started with Exchange 2013 (part 1) – Installation, Deployment, Architecture

Speaker: , Johan Huttenga
Published : August, 2014
Get started with Exchange 2013 (part 1) – Installation, Deployment, Architecture

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With the latest Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 release, the well-established, business-mail solution has undergone an evolution toward easier virtualization and higher availability. Exchange 2013 offers exciting new architecture, user interface, administration, accessibility, data protection features and enhancements.

The part 1 webinar, Getting started with Microsoft Exchange 2013, starts a three-part tutorial series. It covers new Exchange 2013 architecture, installation and deployment specifics.

Veeam experts will give you an overview of the historical changes and improvements in the Microsoft Exchange architecture, from Exchange 2007 mostly designed for physical servers, to 2013, which is optimized for virtualization and allows for higher performance. You’ll also learn how to plan and design an Exchange 2013 deployment in VMware and Hyper-V environments, and how to run a successful Exchange 2013 installation in a clean Active Directory forest.

Watch this video tutorial to get detailed expert guidance on:

  • Exchange 2013 architecture and new server roles
  • Exchange 2013 deployment planning and prerequisites
  • Preparing Active Directory for the Exchange 2013 installation.
Duration: 50:57

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