5 Reasons you need an Office 365 backup plan

Speaker: Brandon McCoy, John McBride
Published : July, 2018
5 Reasons you need an Office 365 backup plan

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With Office 365, it’s your data. So, you own it and control it. Join us as we discuss five reasons why you need a backup solution for your Office 365 data and how Green Cloud with Veeam® can help. You have the relationship, we have the cloud. Join the upcoming webinar hosted by Green Cloud and Veeam to learn how you can help your customers avoid an Office 365 data disaster, while increasing your monthly recurring revenue by offering a cloud-based solution.

During this webinar you will learn how to protect yourself against:

  • Accidental deletion of emails
  • Retention policy gaps and confusion
  • Internal and external security threats
  • Legal and compliance requirements
Duration: 30:42

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