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September 26, 2018
Duration: 00:50

Veeam Platform through API Integration

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In this episode of VeeamLive, we will have four special guests — iland, Merrimac Solutions, Probax and SIS, all of whom are 2018 Veeam® Innovation Award winners. These companies have taken existing capabilities of the Veeam Platform and expanded them by creating new interfaces, workflows and automation to address the needs of their customers.

Our 2018 Veeam Innovation Award winners will tell us:
• Which types of Veeam functionalities can be automated through APIs
• Sample use cases where additional automation and orchestration may be useful
• An overview of how the Veeam Innovation Award winners used Veeam APIs to address their customers’ needs
• And more!


Jason Leiva
Solutions Architect, Global Alliances
Jason has been with Veeam for the last 6 years as both a pre-sales engineer and a Solutions Architect for Global Alliances. You will also find Jason as a co-host on Veeam’s web based technology show, Veeam Live, where he weighs in on Veeam and industry technologies and how they fit into today’s modern enterprises.
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