Driving Partner Sales Activity with Veeam Concierge

Published : August, 2018
Driving Partner Sales Activity with Veeam Concierge

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Watch this 45-minute webinar where we discuss how marketing plays a more significant role than ever in initiating the sale cycle. Veeam® Concierge makes available content and marketing automation tools that empower you to co-market and co-sell with Veeam. In this webinar learn how to export leads and materials to share with internal teams and different platforms. You can increase partner sales activity by working with the Concierge.

Topics that will be covered:

  • How Veeam MarketReach can support marketing and sales teams aligning for partners of all sizes
  • Overview of tasks and alerts to sales reps, sales managers, etc.
  • Demo of in tool campaign features (e.g., Campaign In-a-Box walkthrough)
  • And much more!
Duration: 37:07

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