SQL Performance Tuning When You Can't Fix the Queries – By Brent Ozar

Speaker: Brent Ozar
Published : June, 2015
SQL Performance Tuning When You Can't Fix the Queries – By Brent Ozar
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Do you want your SQL Server VM to be as fast as possible, despite having time or budget constraints when it comes to upgrading and reinstallation? Good news! Brent Ozar and Veeam® have a webcast with a workaround that’s designed just for you to learn more about SQL performance tuning

In this demo-focused webcast, Microsoft Certified Master Brent Ozar explains the VM-friendly performance features of SQL Server 2012, 2014, and even the next version, 2016. If you are a system admin or DBA running your production workloads in VMware, Hyper-V and Xen, and if your end users are unhappy with the performance, this session will address your challenges.

Additionally, joining Brent Ozar you will learn how to measure the performance of a running application, and then improve that performance by simply tuning a few knobs and switches. He explains which features in the SQL Server are right for your workloads and gives you some additional resources you can use to go faster and learn more.

At the end, Brent will wrap up his SQL performance tuning webcast with a discussion about achieving availability for your SQL Server with Veeam. He’ll even tell you how to get fast, transaction-level recovery of your SQL databases with Veeam Explorer™, including agentless, transaction-log backup and replay to restore your SQL databases to a precise point-in-time to meet your recovery time and point objectives (RTPO™).

Duration: 50:38

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