SQL Server 2005 Migration Checklist

Speaker: Kendra Little
Published : October, 2015
SQL Server 2005 Migration Checklist
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Many people are waking up and realizing that SQL Server 2005 extended support is coming to an end very soon. But, there are a lot more people who are not on SQL Server 2005 that still upgrade often because Microsoft has made software assurance a much bigger part of their licensing. Many people need software assurance for SQL Server just for license mobility, virtualization or high availability. However, moving to a new version is not always easy — a lot can go wrong. For example, the in-place upgrade can go bad, the upgrade can take way longer than planned, performance can go bad after the upgrade and many more.

That’s why in this webinar, Master Kendra Little will teach you how to achieve the ideal SQL Server migration timing, splitting 99 percent of time on planning and one percent on execution. You'll find out what you need to script and document from your current instance, which settings you should change after your SQL migration, required tests for new installations and better alternatives to in-place SQL Server upgrades. Whether your SQL Server 2005 instance is hitting end of life or you're planning an upgrade to the latest and greatest, this SQL Server migration checklist will save you time and frustration.

Key takeaways from this webinar include:

  • What could go wrong during the SQL Server migration, plus the perks of virtualization
  • Risks to expect with the in-place upgrade and why you’ll need to make a performance fine-tuning after a migration
  • The required process for SQL Server upgrades and migrations
  • Why a rollback plan is important and how to migrate all the data and minimize downtime
  • A list of critical items to script in order to keep SQL Server configuration records in case of an emergency
  • Debunking outdated migration beliefs to identify actions that are not required or are too time-consuming to perform
  • Benchmarking and migrations — why Distributed Replay is not the best option for testing and how to perform a stress testing properly
  • Your new SQL Server migration checklist and using Veeam® for testing upgrades and creating reliable SQL Server backups
  • Microsoft Certified Master Kendra Little will share her SQL Server migration and upgrade checklist with you to make sure your upgrade goes smoothly.

    Duration: 57:50

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