Veeam & Tintri on Data Storage and Accessibility Solutions

Speaker: Jason Acord, Scott Sherman
Published : December, 2015
Veeam & Tintri on Data Storage and Accessibility Solutions

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Veeam® and Tintri combine to deliver data storage and accessibility solutions built for virtualized environments. Tintri’s flash-based arrays deliver sub-millisecond latencies and include VMstore application-aware storage ideal for Veeam replication, protection and SureReplica verification. This results in increased performance visibility and Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™.

Attend our webinar to learn more on:

  • Hypervisor‐agnostic backup, recovery and storage management at the VM level.
  • Enable application-level recoveries with Veeam Explorer™ on Tintri VMstore.
  • Optimize Veeam’s backup copy from Tintri to additional disk targets for longer retention.
  • And more!

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